Welcome to the Festival in Bratislava – Gun Täljö

Gun Täljö

Today we shine the spotlight on Gun Täljö who is the winner of Mau's qualifier to The Festival in Bratislava which will take place at Banco Casino. Gun has had poker as a hobby since she was a child and has gone from playing points poker at home to a seasoned poker player live and online. We are very impressed with Gun and have asked some questions to get to know this amazing poker player a little better. 

Do not give up despite setbacks. Poker is fun!

So Gun, can you tell us a little bit about your background in poker, how you got started and what made you continue? 

I've been playing cards since I was a kid, but mostly point poker at home at the kitchen table. The reason I started playing Texas Hold'em was because of my friend "Ullis", we have played a lot together over the years, both at home and away. 

What did you do to improve your poker skills?

Read some poker books in the beginning, but I think you learn more by playing. Not everyone plays by the book right away, nor do I... Then it's good to be lucky and bad to be unlucky. 

Do you prefer online or live poker?

Live poker is the most fun. 

How did you find Thefestival and what made you decide to qualify for Bratislava? 

Banco Casino

I missed the qualifier for live poker events last year, so I've been following Mau on Facebook, where I found out about this.

What are you looking forward to in the Bratislava main event? 

Love the casino environment, so I'll just sit there and enjoy meeting lots of people. 

Besides Bratislava, where else has poker taken you?

Åland, Tallinn, Ireland, Czech Republic, Malta & Monaco. 

What advice can you give to new poker players?

Do not give up despite setbacks. Poker is fun!  

Finally - what do you plan to do with your winnings if you won the Main Event in Bratislava?   

Wow, I have just stopped working, so I would go around the world and play as much poker as I can. Maybe I should sit at home and crochet, but I am not quite there yet.......

That is right Gun, life is too short to sit at home and miss out on fun events with new people and festivities. Congratulations to Gun, we look forward to having her at The Festival in Bratislava!

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