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  • The Festival in Bratislava 2022

The Festival in Bratislava 2022

The Festival in Bratislava 2022

Schedule & Dates

The Festival Bratislava

The Festival in Bratislava runs from October 10 until October 16. The Festival has 50 separate events over 7 days.

Those are some of the highlights:

  • €250 Sviten Special: October 10 - 11
  • €550 Main Event: October 11 - 16
  • €250 Roulette Tournament: October 11 - 13
  • €250 Blackjack Tournament: October 12 - 13
  • €1,100 PLO High Roller: October 12
  • €1,100 NLH High Roller: October 13
  • €125 Festival Queens: October 14
  • €1,100 OFC High Roller: October 16

» Full Schedule of The Festival in Bratislava


The Poker Main Event will have a €500.000 guarantee.


Banco Casino
Banco Casino Bratislava

The Festival in Bratislava will feature roughly two dozen Poker Tournaments, including:

  • €550 Main Event (€500.000 gtd.)
  • Deepstack Side Events
  • Highroller Event
  • PLO Games
  • 8-Game
  • Knockout Tournaments
  • Possibly Sviten Special (Drawmaha) and Open Face Chinese

Cash Games will be running 24/7.

Additionally, Bratislava will feature a highlight Roulette Tournament and a competitive Blackjack Tournament alongside a Sports Betting Tournament.

» Banco Casino House Rules for Blackjack & Roulette


The Festival Bratislava will take place in the Banco Casino Bratislava.

» Getting to Bratislava

Including Roulette and Blackjack Tournaments

Roulette Tournaments

You may be used to playing roulette and blackjack against the casino - but have you ever played roulette or blackjack competitively against other players? Against the house, you simply focus on earning money on each bet and maintain a positive balance. But The Roulette and Blackjack Main Events at the Festival in Bratislava will take it up a notch.

You enter a tournament with a set of rounds and a stack of chips, like every other competitor. You will have time limits and spin limits but your aim is to collect as many chips as possible at the end of each round/day. The players carry their stacks over to the next day until the Final Day, so the biggest stacks have the best chances to take it all.

The Roulette and Blackjack Festival tournaments will reward your strategic thinking and initiative above all else. So, make sure you don’t just rely on luck - and have a trick or two up your sleeve! Join the fun by registering for the event.

Besides Poker we will offer multiple casino competitions:


We will provide daily activities outside the casino for all package holders. These are the activities:

Oct. 10MondayWelcome Drinks casino (standing area)19:00 - 20:00
Oct. 11TuesdayWelcome beers! And food13:00 - 15:30
Oct. 12WednesdayPool Tournament11:30 - 14:30
Oct. 12WednesdayDinner - First Seating18:30 - 20:30
Oct. 12WednesdayDinner - Second Seating21:00 - 23:00
Oct. 13ThursdayWine Tasting18:00 - 21:00
Oct. 14FridayPrivate Warm-Up Party21:00 -23:00
Oct. 14FridayPlayer Party at Great Bratislava23:00 - 04:00
Oct. 15SaturdayPlayer Party at Great Bratislava23:00 - 04:00
Oct. 16SundayGoodbye lunch and guided tour12:00 - 14:00
*All activities meet up at Crowne Plaza Reception

We will provide details regarding the activities in the weeks before the Festival.

Qualify and Register

Qualification for The Festival Bratislava is possible via satellites at one of our various online partners.

Satellites are running already and you can find all available satellites here:

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