Meet The Partners: CasinoRoom’s Mery Blomqvist Announces Dates for The Festival In Tallinn Qualifiers

Mery Blomqvist, recently appointed CMO of Ellmount Group, introduces herself over the phone from her home in Stockholm.

“Main reasons I joined Ellmount Group as CMO in Jan this year was due to several facts. CasinoRoom.com was a true pioneer when they launched early in 1999 as one of the first online casinos; plus the great Group CEO Claës af Burén leading the company, and the fact that we have offices in the friendliest countries in the world - namely Serbia & Costa Rica (according to Internations survey 2018) - made it very easy to join as Ellmount Family member no. 80.”

Blomqvist may only have been in her current post since the beginning of this year, but with 12 years in online gaming under her belt, she’s considered a veteran of the industry. “CasinoRoom was really one of the first online casinos in the world. We entered the market in 1999, so we’re, like, one of the old guys with 20-plus years of gaming heritage,” she laughs.

CasinoRoom may have been around since the beginning, but their attitude is anything but old-fashioned. Blomqvist is on a mission to bring as much fun to online casino gaming as she can. She’s a keen poker player too - “That’s what gets me going!” she enthuses, perking up as I mention her favourite game - and she is very excited about her company partnering up with The Festival Series.

“We’re all about light entertainment,” she explains, “We’re looking to attract the players that are playing for fun, are looking for action - basically, the entertainment combined with our SafeWay approach for Responsible Gaming. We’re really looking forward to collaborating with these guys, and, especially as we start looking forward to the events that 2021 will bring , I think that it’s going to bring really extra... spice, both to the tournament, and to us, and to our players”

“What we’re doing with The Festival In Tallinn is that we are going to send a nice bunch of players there, as we’re going to be a casino partner and sponsor, we will be arranging  tournaments on our site where our players will be joining by winning these nice packages and prizes.”

Having only recently joined the family of partner sites to The Festival Series, CasinoRoom have yet to announce the exact format their online qualifiers will take, but they have already confirmed the dates: online qualifiers will be running April 23-30. The prizes on offer will be full packages comprising buy-ins to the blackjack, roulette and poker events, plus accommodation at the Hilton and plenty of fun extras that the CasinoRoom team are planning for their players.

One aspect of CasinoRoom’s partnership with The Festival Series has already been confirmed. They will be bringing on board some of the most successful casino game streamers from Twitch, including Teemu Sattanen, to whom we have also spoken about his involvement with The Festival Series - more on that in the coming days. Blomqvist says: “We are really excited about partnering up with him because he’s quite solid and a nice character with a big reach, and we are going to provide a few nice prizes for him to give away also in his channel, so in his streams too. He will also be on site with us during that tournament and has promised to take our players for a beer”.

So make a note of those dates - online qualifiers to The Festival In Tallinn will be coming to CasinoRoom on April 23-30. We can’t wait!

Ellmount Entertainment Limited is licensed and regulated by the Malta Gaming Authority under registration number C52868. 18+ customers can play in a secure and compliant environment based on responsible gaming. The online platform  proposes thrilling products as slots, jackpot games, table games and live casino in a digital environment.

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