Schedule for The Festival in Tallinn 2022

Schedule for The Festival in Tallinn 2022

Below is our schedule for all poker and casino events for The Festival in Tallinn 2022 (June 27th - July 3rd).

The Festival and the Olympic Park Casino have the right to amend the schedule whenever needed in order to maximize the flow and enhance the player experience.

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DateTime#EventBuy-In (€)Re-EntriesChipsLevelTV
27-Jun16:001Sviten Special Day 1225+256 lvls30,00030 mins
27-Jun18:002Blackjack  Championships Day 1A225+253 rounds10,00020 hands
27-Jun19:003Supersat to Main Event (5 tickets gtd)30+58 lvls10,00020 mins
27-Jun20:004Cash Game Festival Challenge €2/2 Texas250
27-Jun21:005Texas Knockout 50+156 lvls20,00020 mins
27-Jun21:006Roulette Championships Day 1A225+2525 spins10,00025 spins
27-Jun22:307Cash Game Festival Challenge €2/2 PLO4250
28-Jun12:008MAIN EVENT DAY 1A - 10 Levels500+502x30,00045 mins
28-Jun13:0098-Game100+156 lvls10,00020 mins
28-Jun17:0010PLO Masters225+256 lvls20,00020 mins
28-Jun18:002Blackjack Championships Day 1B225+253 rounds10,00020 hands
28-Jun19:001Sviten Special Day 2/FTClosedClosed
28-Jun21:0011Supersat to Main Event (5 tickets gtd)30+58 lvls10,00020 mins
28-Jun22:0012Win the Button100+156 lvls10,00020 mins
28-Jun21:006Roulette Championships Day 1B225+2530 spins10,00025 spins
29-Jun12:008MAIN EVENT DAY 1B - 10 Levels500+502x 30,00045 mins
29-Jun15:0013Supersat to Main Event (5 tickets gtd)30+58 lvls10,00020 mins
29-Jun17:0014Texas Progressive Knockout 100+100+206 lvls20,00020 mins
29-Jun17:0015PLO High Roller Day 11.000+504 lvls30,00030 mins
29-Jun18:002Blackjack Championships Day 1C225+253 rounds10,00020 hands
29-Jun19:0016Acroud Charity Tournaments, Invites only1.000
29-Jun21:006Roulette Championships 1C225+2530 spins10,00025 spins
29-Jun21:0017Cash Game Festival Challenge €2/2 Texas250
29-Jun21:0018Stand ´n Go, Texas ”Frankes Flips Flops"VariousNo
29-Jun23:3019Cash Game Festival Challenge €2/2 PLO4250
30-Jun12:008MAIN EVENT DAY 1C - 10 Levels500+502x30,00045 mins
30-Jun13:002Blackjack Championships Day 2ClosedClosed
30-Jun13:0020H.O.R.S.E. 225+256 lvls25,00030 mins
30-Jun13:0015PLO High Roller Final Day - reserve slotClosedClosed 
30-Jun17:0021Half ´n Half  (Texas & PLO, 1 level each)100+104 lvls20,00020 mins
30-Jun19:006Roulette Championships Day 2ClosedClosed
30-Jun20:008MAIN EVENT DAY 1D Turbo - 10 Levels500+502x30,00020 mins
01-Jul12:008MAIN EVENT DAY 2500+502 lvls30,00045 mins
01-Jul17:0022Pokerlistings Deepstack  Day 1225+256 lvls50,00030 mins
01-Jul17:0023Open Face Chinese 300+306 lvls2025 mins
01-Jul18:002Blackjack Championships Final ClosedClosed
01-Jul18:0024NLH High Roller Day 11.000+504 lvls30,00030 mins
01-Jul20:0025Cash Game Festival Challenge €2/5 Texas250
01-Jul20:0026Matching Visions Slots Tournament 225+25Re-Buys 
01-Jul21:006Roulette Championships FinalClosedClosed
01-Jul22:3027Cash Game Festival Challenge €2/2 PLO4250
02-Jul12:008MAIN EVENT DAY 3ClosedClosed45 mins
02-Jul13:0028Gambling Cabin Sportsbook Tournament225+25No
02-Jul13:0022Pokerlistings Deepstack Day 2/FinalClosedClosed 30 mins
02-Jul14:0024NLH High Roller Final Day - reserve slotClosedClosed
02-Jul16:0029Heads Up Texas, CAP 32, Day 1300+30No10,00025 mins
02-Jul14:0030Team Poker Challenge, Texas500+100No3*10.00020 mins
02-Jul20:0031Cash Game Festival Challenge €5/5 Texas250
02-Jul20:0032PLO Turbo100+104 lvls20,00020 mins
02-Jul22:3033Cash Game Festival Challenge €5/5 PLO4250
03-Jul12:008MAIN EVENT FINAL TABLE, reserve slotClosedClosed
03-Jul12:0034Texas Lowroller50+56 lvls15,00020 mins
03-Jul12:0022Pokerlistings Deepstack FT/ReserveClosedClosed 
03-Jul12:0035OFC HR1000+506 lvls30,00025 mins
03-Jul12:0029Heads Up Texas, CAP 32, FinalClosedClosed
03-Jul13:0036Texas Shortdeck/ 6+ Hold´em100+104 lvls20,00020 mins

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The Festival in Tallinn 2022

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