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  • Almost 1,200 Entries After Five Starting Flights – The Festival in Bratislava – Day 5

Almost 1,200 Entries After Five Starting Flights – The Festival in Bratislava – Day 5

Almost 1,200 Entries After Five Starting Flights – The Festival in Bratislava – Day 5

Yesterday was the biggest day of The Festival in Bratislava with two Main Event starting flights, hundreds of players in the Banco Casino, roughly a dozen side events, cash games and no less than two players’ parties.

Here’s the lowdown of what happened yesterday:

Two Main Event Flight, 1,196 Entries

Full Tables
Main Event area filled to the roof

Yesterday’s Headline was – of course, the Poker Main Event. At noon the tournament began with flight Day 1d and after 12 levels and almost nine hours of play, this flight had 458 entries in the books with 141 of those bagging chips for Day 2.

In the later hours of the evening, the turbo flight Day 1e commenced. With 20-minute levels this was the last reasonable way for players to build a stack for the Main Event. This flight amassed another 144 entries and 58 of those survived.

Those are the total numbers so far:

FlightEntriesSurvivorsAverageAdvancedChip LeaderChipsBlinds
Day 1a13439103,07729.1%Rikard Larsson256,00085
Day 1b18051105,88228.3%Ronald Zapantis296,00099
Day 1c2809192,30832.5%Attila Kuna384,000128
Day 1d45814197,44730.8%Pavel Svach303,000101
Day 1e1445874,48340.3%Erik Seffer183,00061

We’re not quite done with registrations yet as we keep the late reg open for the first two levels of Day 2. Players will receive a starting stack of 30,000 chips which is equal to 10 big blinds in the first level.

We now of at least one player who will take advantage of this super-late registration. The Festival’s Founder Martin “Franke” von Zweigbergk will re-enter once more after having fired six bullets in the two flights yesterday. Two more and this would put him on the top spot for the number of re-entries in this year’s Main Event – currently, there is one player who had re-entered seven times!

Here’s a list of more successful players in the Main Event so far. Pictured above is the overall chip leader Attila Kuna:

NameChipsBig BlindsTableSeat
Attila Kuna384,000128573
Pavel Svach303,000101238
Ronald Zapantis296,00099731
Yasen Dichev278,00093748
Hans Erlandsson263,00088442
Ongorur Mehmet261,00087712
Rickard Larsson256,00085429
Wang Lu253,00084568
Sascha Manns251,00084747
Michael Sklenička250,00083626
Carsten Lund Larsen245,00082319
Riccardo de Rubeis243,00081248
Iraklis Manikaros240,00080221
Dragos-Constantin Negrii230,00077411
David Kurbel224,00075549
Markku Tammisto219,00073852
Fotios Ntamaris211,00070431
Ioannis Fronimakis209,00070436

Play will re-start today at noon and we play to play at least 12 levels. Level time will be 45 minutes with breaks every 90 minutes.

An update about all the side events can be found in our side event section of the live blog.

Today’s schedule

Besides the Main Event today we will begin a PLO Freezeout at 2 pm, an NLH Freezeout at 3 pm and €125 NLH tournament with a whopping €30k guarantee.

Also running today are our two Sports Book Championships.

This is the full schedule for day:

TimeEventBuy-InRe-EntryChips / Levels
€500,000 gtd.
500+502 lvls30k / 45
13:00Gambling Cabin Sportsbook Tourney25+5
14:00PLO Freezeout225+25No25k / 25
15:00NL Texas Freezeout225+25No25k / 25
17:00NL Texas 30.000 gtd.110+1512 lvls50k / 25
20:00Coolbet Club Championship NorwayClosedNo20k / 20
20:00Cash Game Challenge €10/10 Texas (*)1000-
23:00PLO Turbo Midnight Madness110+158 lvls10k / 15
22:30Cash Game Challenge €10/10 PLO4 (*)1000-

We’re looking forward to a fantastic Saturday in the Banco Casino with plenty of action!