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  • Exclusive Festival Satellites on Optibet Every Sunday (Give-Away Inside)

Exclusive Festival Satellites on Optibet Every Sunday (Give-Away Inside)

Exclusive Festival Satellites on Optibet Every Sunday (Give-Away Inside)

Are you looking for affordable ways to win a package to The Festival in Bratislava? Should you reside in Latvia or Estonia, you're in luck. The operator Optibet is running a fantastic satellite schedule that allows players to qualify for The Festival Series for as little as one Cent. They are guaranteeing one full €1,600 package every Sunday.

How to Win the Optibet Festival Package

Optibet offers a straightforward step system that allows players to qualify for as little as 1 Cent. With such a small buy-in, the first step can almost be treated as a freeroll. Of course, players can elect to buy into any of the later steps satellites directly as well.

Those step satellites are offered:

  • Step 1: €0.01 Buy-In, daily, every hour from 11:00 to 22:00; three €3.30 step 2 tickets guaranteed
  • Step 2: €3.30 Buy-In, every hour from 14:15 to 20:15; one €22 step 3 ticket guaranteed
  • Step 3: €22 Buy-In, daily at 20:00 (Sunday at 15:30); one €150 step 4 ticket guaranteed (Saturday two tickets, Sunday five tickets)
  • Step 4: €150 Buy-In, every Sunday at 18:30; one €1,600 Package guaranteed

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Details: €1,600 Festival Package

The package includes:

  • €550 buy-in to The Festival Main Event
  • €800 pocket money, accommodation and travel expenses
  • €250 entry to the Blackjack tournament
  • Optibet branded clothing

If you win a package, we have detailed the process of how your registration works here:

» Registration Process for Optibet Winners

About Optibet

Optibet Logo

Optibet is among the most popular poker operators in Latvia and Estonia. The brand's history dates back more than 20 years. It was founded in 1999 in Latvia, although the name "Optibet" was only introduced in 2008. Initially, it was a pure sportsbook, but in the past ten years, casino games and poker were also added to the portfolio.

The Optibet Poker client is available in Estonia and Latvia only, although an expansion to Lithuania is planned for 2023. It's running on the partypoker network, offering a wide variety of cash games and tournaments.

Optibet offers its players a daily treasure hunt. You have to fulfill a mission that changes every day (for example: win two hands with 7-7) and can win tickets to stage two for the satellites. On top of that Optibet offers it's a very strong VIP bonus, granting up to 40% flat cashback. New players can earn up to $2,000 bonus independent of their first deposit and without a time limit. For the first 1,000 hands, you play at each limit you receive a buy-in as a bonus (a fraction of a buy-in starting at the mid stakes). Tournament players receive the same bonus. For the first 50 multi-table tournaments you play, you receive one buy-in as a bonus (a fraction starting at the $55 level).

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Follow Our Optibet Live Stream This Sunday

Martin "Franke" von Zweigbergk

This Sunday you can watch The Festival's very own Martin "Franke" von Zweigbergk battle it out in the Optibet Satellite.

He will be accompanied by The Festival's live blogger Jason Glatzer. Tune into our Twitch Channel to watch Franke play for a package while simultaneously entertaining the viewers with Festival stories from our past two stops.

» The Festival Twitch Channel

Win a Satellite Entry in our Give-Away

Do you live in Latvia or Estonia and want to win a ticket worth €150 to the Optibet Qualifier on Sunday?

Just check the FaceBook Group Travel To Festivals – Baltics. We will be posting a simple raffle which will end Sunday afternoon. The winner receives one entry to the Step 4 Satellite worth €150. Please note that only players from Latvia or Estonia are eligible to win this raffle.

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