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  • Florian ‘Just P’tit Flo’- The Festival Bratislava was lit! – Part II

Florian ‘Just P’tit Flo’- The Festival Bratislava was lit! – Part II

Florian ‘Just P’tit Flo’- The Festival Bratislava was lit! – Part II

In the first episode of meeting one of the main ambassadors of CasinoTogether, we would get to know the Frenchman 'Just P'tit Flo' on a personal note. Starting his career as a stuntman, being severely ill on the age of 26, he now is chasing his dreams in the virtual world of poker, casino games, and social media. The amount of determination of this young gun, residing in Malta, is truly admirable for many of us. And that's something you could have seen with your own eyes in Bratislava during our previous stop in November 2023, but now also in his Vlogs!

Operator: CasinoTogether

One important and entertaining activity which keeps Florian busy is his own Vlogs. On various platforms such as Youtube and Instagram, you will get a unique view of the life of Florian aka 'Just P'tit Flo'. With the trip to Bratislava in mind, he instantly went all the way for it! For now, it all has been done in the native language which is French, but you can see directly that it has been all done with great passion. And don't we all like to see an event which you have visited, or would like to visit, from a totally different angle?

Vlog: Part I

The Festival Series: CasinoTogether just recently partnered up with us, and have send out several great ambassadors to Bratislava. When did you start your collaboration with CasinoTogether?

Florian: ''I've been working with CasinoTogether for 4 months now, and I'm very proud of it. We offer players a gaming experience that's out of the ordinary, because it's the only French-language casino where you can play "together sessions". The concept is simple: you can join your favourite streamer's game, or even create your own with friends, then a joint pot is created and everyone vibrates together! It's the first time in 4 years of gaming that I've had such a strong sensation in live, it's just great! If you're interested, come and watch my live sessions on Kick!''

The Festival Series: The group of CasinoTogether is a mix of French, German, and Croatian, enthusiasts. How was it to spend time all together with fellow streamers? With these periods of coming together, do you also exchange thoughts on certain aspects of your streams?

Florian: ''Of course, when streamers and content creators get together, it creates a whole new dynamic. Because we share the same passion and often work in the same direction. And yes, we always have a lot to talk about, by sharing experiences of our streams for example!''

The Festival Series: We have had the pleasure of meeting you and the whole clan in Bratislava. We can see much back in your vlogs of course, but what is your overall experience?

Florian: ''Yes indeed, I was lucky enough to be invited to the Bratislava event, which was big! I spent an extraordinary week, with lots of action and then for this event, I decided 4 days before departure to create my own YouTube channel. Yes, I do a lot of things on instinct and impulse! But I wanted to share my first poker festival with as many people as possible, so I set my mind on making my very first vlog.''

Vlog: Part II

The Festival Series: What is in your opinion the difference between The Festival Series and other events?

Florian: ''Not to lie, this was my very first poker festival, and I played the whole thing from start to finish. I have been to some other events, but just played like 1 or 2 tournaments. The organization was perfect, and it was also the first time in my life that I'd played a blackjack-, roulette- or even slot tournaments!

All these moments put together created a very special experience. It was a lot of fun, leaving me with lasting memories for sure. One of they key points is that you are with a staff that always listened, and all the extra activities thanks to hospitality package that were completely crazy!

Big up to Anastasia, who gave us a lot of extra time, with activities every day. Moments that allowed us to create bonds between all the participants, and who will also leave a very special mark on the Festival Series Bratislava. I really couldn't have wished for a better week!''

The Festival Series: Do you create the content all by yourself? Or are you like your own company which has people working on it as well?

Florian: ''Yes, I'm totally independent, and I have my own company in Malta Of course, I work with several collaborators, because I can't manage everything on my own anymore, so I have graphic designers, editors, and other people who take care of the company itself!''

The Festival Series: You are French, so the link of doing everything in French is easy. Ever thought of going more international and going to English for example?

Florian: ''I create content mainly in French, and I'm thinking more and more about creating content with English subtitles so that I can share it with as many people as possible. And maybe your community would be delighted to follow my vlogs, so maybe English subtitles will appear at some point! My aim is to participate in more Festival Series events, so that I can share all this with my community by producing increasingly high-quality vlogs. Who knows, maybe the next vlog on my YouTube channel, in another European poker hotspot such as Rozvadov or Malta, will be in collaboration with you!!?''

Vlog: Part III

Within this article, there are the first three vlogs of Florian aka 'Just P'tit Flo'. We can surely admire the work he has put in this, to give a great view of our Festival Series and everything what comes with it. We would like to thank Florian for his endless dedication and enthusiasm, and we strongly encourage everyone to keep track on this young fella. He is perhaps upcoming in the poker scene, but you will see much more of him in the near future! His great run in the Main Event looked very promising already! Do you want to see the other episodes of his Vlogs? Check out the link below.

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