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  • Looking Back at a Successful First 888poker Powered Edition of The Festival

Looking Back at a Successful First 888poker Powered Edition of The Festival

Looking Back at a Successful First 888poker Powered Edition of The Festival

This Monday the Main Event of The Festival Online on 888poker finished after three weeks of action. The Argentine player Pbustos14 won the title by taking the final table in a spectacular fashion. This remarkable title, which meant more than $26,000 for the player, was not the only special story of the first Festival Online Edition, but it was certainly the most notable.

Pbustos14 Wins Main Event Against Many Aces

Final Table Festival Online Main Event
Final Table Festival Online Main Event

The story of how Pbustos14 won the final table of the Festival Online Main Event is simply breathtaking. He made the final nine of the Main Event on Monday night but was at the bottom of the chip count. When play resumed on Monday night, he had less than 9 big blinds, while the average stack was 23 big blinds. That means he had just over 4% of all the chips.

At that point, he went all-in from under the gun with A-9 (suited), facing aces. The probability of being eliminated at that moment was 88%. But PBustos14 wasn't eliminated. Instead, he made a flush, cracked the Aces, and survived the all-in.

Less than an hour later, he managed to nearly repeat the same feat. In this hand, he was all-in with A-8 (offsuit) against aces. While he had a little more chips than his opponent, a loss in this hand would have sent him back to the bottom of the count. Again, however, he did not lose. This time the board fell K-J-3-Q-T, giving both players a straight (Ace to Ten). The pot was split.

The final all-in of the Main Event was the icing on the cake of PBustos14's saga against the Aces. He was already a massive chip leader in the heads-up against his opponent vpedote and it was probably only a matter of time before he won the duel. Then the last hand, that Pbustos14 played were exactly the aces he had just cracked twice in less than 90 minutes. He won the last all-in and collected more than $26,000 in prize money to finish an amazing run.

8,256 Entries at The Festival Online Over Three Weeks

Overall, the Festival Online Powered by 888poker was a resounding success. Over 24 tournaments, the series attracted 6,432 players and 1,824 times a re-entry option was used. A total of $841,245 in prize money was paid out. The tables on 888poker were bustling with action. With several knockout tournaments, a snap event, 8-Max and Omaha tournaments, the Festival Series offered plenty of opportunities to try out different games and variations.

These are all the tournaments that were played during the Festival Online Series:

DateEventPlayersRe-EntriesPrize PoolWinner
07-Jul$1 Kickoff535342$5,375(Multiple Winners)
10-Jul$109 Opening Event796204$100,000Angelegot
10-Jul$525 Opening High Roller6718$42,500TrustMeBRO
10-Jul$109 Opening PLO4611$5,700fanat5371234
12-Jul$55 Texas Deepstack24371$15,700pivnoypuzec
12-Jul$33 Snap14449$5,790Vonat330
14-Jul$55 PLO Deepstack5925$4,200peters1969
14-Jul$160 Texas 6-Max11741$23,700algsxr
17-Jul$109 Texas Progressive KO879193$107,200DorianZimmer
17-Jul$525 Texas High Roller KO8316$49,500Raise1ln.
17-Jul$22 Main Event Feeder15621$6,450(Multiple Winners)
19-Jul$55 PLO 6-Max366$2,100SharkFood14
19-Jul$44 6-Max Turbo PKO21042$10,080MonkeyKen
21-Jul$22 Texas Low Roller519130$12,980Silvio_Dante
21-Jul$109 Super KO19436$23,000daniel_nilla
24-Jul$109 Texas 8-Max805243$104,800Iaromachikne
24-Jul$525 Texas 8-Max High Roller7932$55,500NL_sport
24-Jul$22 PLO Low Roller11743$3,200samsungas
26-Jul$88 PKO 8-Max16636$16,160danielabe
26-Jul$33 PLO Turbo489$1,710GaGaRa888
28-Jul$22 Main Event Feeder22337$8,600(Multiple Winners)
31-Jul$215 Main Event673140$162,600Pbustos14
31-Jul$525 Texas High Roller Final8027$53,500TheAudrius
01-Aug$109 Afterparty15752$20,900fanatmalini

This is how The Festival Series Continues

The next event in the Festival series will be a huge live tournament. From October 10-16, The Festival Bratislava guarantees €500,000 in prize money in the €550 Main Event. Furthermore, Bratislava will once again feature the full Festival experience with an extensive side event program featuring many fancy poker games and several casino tournaments.

The next online series of The Festival will most likely take place before the end of the year and the details will be announced here in due time.