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  • Meet Online Qualifier – Attila Erdei: Winning Satellites Is Very Easy

Meet Online Qualifier – Attila Erdei: Winning Satellites Is Very Easy

Meet Online Qualifier – Attila Erdei: Winning Satellites Is Very Easy

During our events we have players from all over Europe, and even abroad! Coming together and celebrating a great week of not only poker, but many great activities around it as well. We offer greatness when it comes to entertainment but in the end, it's all about the players.

Players which are unique and who become good friends and keep on meeting each other during the following Festival Series. In this interview, we would like you to meet Attila Erdei from Hungary. He is one of our greatest online qualifiers and we are proud he took the time to answer us a couple questions.  

Melvin TF: Hi Attila! We are happy to have you here. Can you please share with us who you are and what made you fall in love with poker?

  • Attila: I was born in 1974 in Hungary. Fast-forward, after graduating from high school, I started working in a casino in the place where I was residing called Debrecen, the 2nd biggest city of Hungary. When the casino closed in 1999, I went to the Middle East to work for four years, and that’s where I first got introduced to Texas Hold’em. After my return to Hungary, I started playing poker with friends, and a few years after that, I opened my own poker club. Until 2010 I was organizing many games, when the government changed its laws concerning poker, I was forced to shut the club down as well. But I did manage some private Cash Games after that, and that’s where I really started to learn to play poker.

Melvin TF: You are regularly playing on Unibet. And you have been playing a lot of satellites for the Festival Series. Have you been in Bratislava and Tallinn?

  • Attila: Unfortunately, I wasn’t there yet in Tallinn to play poker, but I did manage to visit the stop in Bratislava. I used to play poker in Bratislava about every two months so to say. I like The Festival a lot, because of its great organization and innovation. The tournaments are good because if you take for example the Main Event, the buy-in of 550 Euros is like average. Not too expensive and not too cheap. Side events have also a decent number of players, which is good. 

Melvin TF: Do you have any tips for satellite players? What are the main aspects which differ the approach of a satellite tournament compared to a regular tournament for you?

  • Attila: It’s rather easy because in a satellite tournament you don’t have to win it when the top 3 places are being paid equally. In normal tournaments there are different prizes, so you play to win it of course. You will have to adapt your playing style for this.

Melvin TF: If you could change one thing to the poker community in general. What would that be?

  • Attila: The new format of the poker tournament called the Mystery Bounty is just wonderful, I like to play it a lot. I am fond of any kind of bounty tournament, as this type of tournament needs a different kind of strategy.
  • It is not really a thing to change, but more to adjust. When we go to Bratislava with some friends, to play poker for example, the organizer of the event is helping us to get the best possible deals in terms of accommodation. It really helps for the player as you sometimes get great discounts for great hotels, which keeps it interesting for all of us players.

Would you like to be part of the next Festival Series as well like Attila? There are currently satellites running every single day on various sites. Make sure to check out the Qualify section.

Disclaimer: Most of the photos attached to the article have been sent to us by the interviewee. Those photos were not created by The Festival Series Team but by the owner of the photos as indicated by the watermark of the photos. If you like those photos please consider contacting them.