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  • Meet Ylva Thorsrud : I love mixed-games

Meet Ylva Thorsrud : I love mixed-games

Meet Ylva Thorsrud : I love mixed-games

May we introduce to you Ylva Thorsrud. She is a well-known Norwegian poker pro who is currently building her way up in the streaming business. Beforehand she performed her poker skills and by interacting with her viewers she used her native language; this is going to change from now on. This to be able to share her mixed games experience with the whole wide world. Ylva is a real mixed games player and has been to our Festival Series for every single stop and has been around in the poker community for a decade. With her cool and kind character she is besides all this, a very nice person to have around in the poker community.

Melvin TF: Hi Ylva! You have been around in poker for a while a now (since 2008 registered live results). What made you start playing poker?

  • Ylva: I started playing poker with the people at my work when I was working as a sales manager in 2005. The first period I played freerolls online, until I in 2006 discovered the live poker community in Norway. I fell in love with the community and have played ever since. 

Melvin TF: You will be streaming on by playing Coolbet the satellites for our event in Nottingham. What can viewers expect from your stream and what are your expectations about Nottingham?

  • Ylva: I have already been to the first three The Festivals in Bratislava and Tallinn and am very much looking forward to The Nottingham edition, because I love that The Festival has a schedule with different mixed poker games in a medium buy-in range. I have been to Dusk Till Dawn back in 2008 and 2009 when the Norwegian Championship was held there, so I know that the poker room is really one of a kind. I will stream 6 The Jevakims Special Satellites on my Twitch-channel.The first one starts today, Friday 13. February 20.00 CET. The next will be on Tuesdays and Fridays the next 3 weeks. I stream live with no delay, so my stream is very interactive, and we focus on the social part of poker. Having a good time around the table is the number #1 reason why I love poker. 

Melvin TF: When looking on your live results we can see a lot of Omaha results, your latest cash was you biggest one so far, during the EPT Prague where you finished 3rd in the Omaha Hi/Lo for 11K. What is so special about Mixed Games?

  • Ylva: After playing NLHE and PLO for the biggest part of my career, I have really fallen in love with the mixed games community. It is easy to become a bit lazy playing games you have played for many years. After I started to learn different mixed games the last two years, I feel just like when I was a beginner. When everything was new and exciting, and you are just happy to be alive in the tournament. On top of that I love the mixed games community, since I feel a lot of the good, experienced players are so welcoming to beginners that want to learn.  

Melvin TF: Besides The Festival Series being the Valhalla for Mixed Games, there also will be exceptional games such as Franke’s Flip Flops and Casino Tournaments and of course the Main Event. A main event where you finished 13th during our last stop in Bratislava, very close. To what games are you mostly looking forward to this time?

  • Ylva: I am looking forward to all the mixed side events! And of course, the Main Event is the main attraction. There's nothing like the feeling you get when you get to run deep in a Main Event. 

Melvin TF: What is important to you when being at a live event series? What do you think about hospitality events outside the poker tables?

  • Ylva: The reason I love poker is because of the social part. To meet so many people from around the world, with only one thing in common, our love for playing poker. For me it is important to enjoy the experience, eat and drink good food and wine with old friends and new friends, and of course the challenge of trying to improve my game around the table. I love that The Festival focus also on the social part, with the Hospitality package and all what comes with it.

Melvin TF: When and where can we see your stream?

  • I stream every Tuesday and Friday from 20.00 CET. We focus on the social part and love when people from around the world say Hi in the chat. 

Dates of the action:

  • 13th January
  • 17th January
  • 20th January
  • 24th January
  • 27th January
  • 31st January

Details: €1,300 Jevakims Special Package

  • 5 nights including breakfast at Crowne Plaza Hotel (14.02 - 19.02)
  • Breakfast and Spa included
  • Entry into £450 Main Event tournament

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