The Festival Nottingham 2023

The Festival Nottingham 2023

Schedule & Dates

The Festival in Nottingham runs from February 13 until February 19. The Festival has 35 separate events over 7 days. Once you will take a look at the full schedule then "Yes", You might be confused and realize that the festival runs 8 days, not 7, and there is a couple of unnumbered tournaments( satellites) but the thing is we call the first Sunday as an official warm-up day, and we couldn´t find out the best solution for how to number the satellites. So we just kept those without numbers. Makes sense? And in the big picture does it matter? More important is that you can play both Holdem and a lot of Mixed Games. There is something for cash game specialists, and casino game lovers - Blackjack/ Roulette tournaments should be for your hearts.

Those are some of the highlights:

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  • Main Event has 4 starting days and each day plays till the money
  • If there are multiple numbers written down in the LEVELS section, then it means that the first number in the section describes the fact how many levels new players can join the game and the second number describes the fact how many levels the players who are still playing can do the re-enter (etc. event #2, Sviten Special. Players can join the game until level 7 starts, but they can make re-entry until level 9 ends). So make sure that you can join the game before the registration closes.
  • Many of the tournaments are capped, but right now those a roughly estimated. In the next few weeks, all tournaments will also appear on the Luxon Pay list, which means that in order to secure your place, it is worth buying a ticket early through Luxon Pay.

Download the schedule as a PDF.


The Festival Nottingham will take place in the premier poker room in the UK, Dusk Till Dawn.

Activities/ Hospitality package

Have you ever thought that visiting a poker festival should not be limited to just playing cards? We are, which is why it is our sacred duty to offer players the opportunity to have fun outside of the casino games as well. The package is tailored towards every Festival stop individually and might include spa visits, go-kart racing, paintball, dinners, matinees, or wine-tasting events.

  • For our last event in Bratislava, we organize a pool tournament. Do you dare to suggest who was crowned the winner of this tournament? Take a look at the photo gallery of the event and maybe this might help you out. Find out? If not, then it was Ilari Sahamies who was swinging the cue stick the most brightly.
  • As always with good things, they have to be kept a little secret to make it seem even more exciting, that way we will publish the final schedule of Nottingham activities at the end of January/beginning of February.

Wanna book or buy a hospitality package then don't hesitate to contact us via [email protected].

Online satellites

Qualification for The Festival Nottingham is possible via satellites at one of our various online partners. And there is a plenty of possibilities where to play, just take a look at our "Qualify" or "Partners" section and pick up a day that suits your plans.

» Qualify

» The Festival Series official partners

Blackjack/Roulette tournaments

You may be used to playing roulette and blackjack against the casino - but have you ever played roulette or blackjack competitively against other players? Against the house, you simply focus on earning money on each bet and maintain a positive balance. But The Roulette and Blackjack Tournaments at the Festival in Nottingham will take it up a notch.

You enter a tournament with a set of rounds and a stack of chips, like every other competitor. You will have time limits and spin limits but your aim is to collect as many chips as possible at the end of each round/day. The players carry their stacks over to the next day until the Final Day, so the biggest stacks have the best chances to take it all.

The Roulette and Blackjack Festival tournaments will reward your strategic thinking and initiative above all else. So, make sure you don’t just rely on luck - and have a trick or two up your sleeve! Join the fun by registering for the event.

We will find the final rules for the Blackjack/Roulette tournaments right here -> Twin Brothers: Jack & Rou.

Cash Game Challenge

The idea of the Cash Game Challenge is to host several cash games during the festival at tables specifically dedicated to this competition. The player who emerges when the dust has settled with the largest profit in terms of Big Blinds will be rewarded with the €1,600 The Festival Malta package! And to give everyone a chance of glory there’ll be a selection of games available, including NLH and PLO4 games each with stakes of €2/€2, €5/€5 and €10/€10. To play, turn up at the Cash Game Area at least 90 minutes before the session starts. Check out the full Schedule for The Festival Nottingham to find your preferred game/stakes.

Franke´s Flip Flops

YES - Flip&Flop´s come again! The concept is obvious – Every day between 21:00 and 23:00 flip games would be organized throughout the whole week. The player who collects the most wins during these games wins the ranking competition. And not just that, he or she would also walk away with a full package for the next stop of The Festival worth €1600. 

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Player of the Festival

During our next Festival stop in Nottingham, it is possible for all players to win the coveted Player of The Festival Prize. To kick it off in style, this award is not just about the honor, but also comes with a huge prize. Namely, a full package worth €1,600 for the next stop of The Festival Series. In addition to that, the winner also gets a seat at the table of the next Charity Event, worth €1,000.


On and off the Festival period, we have a lot of action going on at poker tables. Take a look at our newly created streaming page to find out when our games are live.


Q: Is there any guaranteed prize pool?

  • A: Yes, The Poker Main Event will have a £200.000 guarantee.

Q: What about Gambling Tax? 

  • A: Gambling tax is different in each country, in some, gambling winnings are considered taxable income, and in others where you can make gambling winnings without having to worry about paying taxes on them. It’s important that you are aware of the tax laws in your country when it comes to gambling, as the amount you may have to pay in taxes can vary greatly depending on where you live. With Brexit, there might be implications for winnings in the UK for some residents in the EU. Please check your local tax rules. Here is a good article that explains the issue from some perspective.

Q: I am an "Online Qualifier" and I just reach the hotel but the hotel doesn't have my name!

  • A: Please contact us via FB or via e-mail, and we will help you immediately. Here you will find more useful info what might help you out.

Q: I should have a Hospitality package. How does this work?

  • A: We have a special welcome desk set up in the casino. Please find us and we will give you a special wristband that gives you access to our hospitality events.

Q: How many re-entries I can do for the Main Event?

  • A: We would prefer that you will double up your stack immediately, and then again double it up, but if it's not happening and you need a "new bullet" then you can buy in one time back during each starting flight. So the maximum that you can do is 8 bullets.

Q: I have more questions. Where should I send them?

  • A: If it's a really good one(etc. how does this poker works or how many tournaments Franke had won it already), then you can always post it on our social media channels. Facebook, Youtube, Instagram. If it´s a serious one then please contact directly with Dusk Till Dawn via [email protected]

Q: One more question and then I promise that it is like really really the last one. I played poker, I didn't win anything, then played again poker, and also didn't win it. Then I go to play ...

  • A: Wait for a second! Poker is still gambling so make sure that you follow all your winnings and losses. Don't play ever poker with your last savings. If you have gambling habits or problems, and gambling is always kept in your mind then don't hesitate to contact professional advisors.