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  • Michel Molenaar leads the Final 16 – The Festival Bratislava – Day 6

Michel Molenaar leads the Final 16 – The Festival Bratislava – Day 6

Michel Molenaar leads the Final 16 – The Festival Bratislava – Day 6

Saturday was a long day at the Bratislava Festival. The Main Event went from Late Reg in Day and almost 500 players to the Final Sixteen over the course of 14 hours while almost a dozen side events raged in the various parts of the Banco Casino.

1,271 Entries – New Record for The Festival Series

We started the day with about 460 players and entries and busts continued until level 14 and the first break of the Main Event. When the Main Event officially went into freezeout, there were a total of 1,271 entries, bringing the total prize pool to €603,725 - well above the €500,000 guarantee.

Main Event by the Numbers

FlightEntriesSurvivorsAverage% AdvancedChip LeaderChipsBig Blinds
Day 1a13439103,07729.1%Rikard Larsson256,00085
Day 1b18051105,88228.3%Ronald Zapantis296,00099
Day 1c2809192,30832.5%Attila Kuna384,000128
Day 1d45814197,44730.8%Pavel Svach303,000101
Day 1e1445874,48340.3%Erik Seffer183,00061
Day 2 Late Reg75---

It was determined that 160 seats would be paid out with amounts ranging from €605 to €126,650. Full Payouts can be found below.

Andrew Puglisi
Andrew Puglisi

The bubble was a lengthy affair, spanning two floors and lasting almost two hours. In the end, American Andrew Puglisi fell at the most unfortunate spot and went away empty-handed. Although afterwards in the bar he told whoever would listen to what a great time he's had here this week. That’s the Festival spirit!

Once in the money, the usual quick bustouts ensured the field was quickly reduced to a number small enough to fit in the downstairs Ashoka room, which is also home to the TV table. As the bubble burst, our stream went live and at today's table was George Sandford, joined by Dehlia de Jong and Jacob Dideriksen-Nielsen.

Down to Two Tables Way After Midnight

Michel Molenaar
Michel Molenaar

The plan had always been to play down to two tables and that's what our Main Event players wanted to do no matter how long it took. They played well into level 26 and past 1 am when Sandeep Nene's elimination in 17th place meant the end of Day 2 and time for a short layover before the finals day begins today at 2 pm.

The chip leader at the end of Day 2 is Michel Molenaar - as he had been for some time after taking the lead from Peter Kamaras. He goes into the final day with 5,775,000 of the 38 million total chips in play. Sascha Manns is among the players who are still in, albeit with a more modest stack; Ronald Zapantis, the Day 1b chip leader, is also still good. Two women are also still in contention - Norwegian poker legend and successful streamer Ylva "Jevakim" Thorsrud and relative newcomer Gerianne Dijkstra from the Netherlands, who cashed in this week's Win the Button event in Bratislava, both have respectable stacks. The full chip count is below.

Side Events in Full Swing

Throughout the casino complex, the side events continued in full swing. The PLO and NLH freezeouts drew 72 and 87 entrants, respectively and continuing this week's general theme of blowing the guarantees, the Texas €30k Gtd event has attracted over 400 entries, meaning a prize pool of at least €45k. It will be played late into the night and we expect the winner to be announced at some point over breakfast. Away from poker, Ian Vertefeuille (who also placed in the Blackjack Championship) won the Franke's Flip Flops leaderboard and won a package to our next event.

Today the last day of The Festival in Bratislava begins at 1 pm with the €60 Texas Low Roller and the €250 Short Deck Championship. Main highlight besides the final of the Main Event will be the Open Face Chinese High Roller starting at 4 pm.

Here’s today’s schedule:

13:00Texas Lowroller50+10
13:00Texas Shortdeck/ 6+ Hold´em225+25
14:00MAIN EVENT DAY 3 (Final 2 Tables)
€500,000 gtd.
16:00OFC High Roller1000+100
17:00Staff Tournament
€500 added

Main Event Chip Counts

NameChipsBig BlindsTableSeat
Adi Rajkovic3,500,00044236
Marton Lugosi3,400,0004318
Aaron Frese1,800,00023231
Leo Sigurdsson1,600,0002011
Gerianne Dijkstra1,600,00020232
Mark Berman1,600,0002014
Jari Pekka Raettyae1,300,00016235
Ylva Thorsrud1,000,0001313
Peter Kamaras900,00011234
Slavomir Rakovan650,0008233
Yasen Dichev600,000817
Michel Molenaar500,000615
Andrew Hanak500,0006238
Ronald Zapantis400,000516
Sascha Manns400,0005237
Miklos Zsuffa300,000412

Main Event Payouts

17Sandeep Nene€3,805
18Dimitros Lykouris€3,805
19Mario Mende€3,805
20Fotios Ntamaris€3,805
21Adam Kharman€3,805
22Are Ugland€3,805
23Alf Peter Onnestam€3,805
24Hans Erlandsson€3,080
25Luka Bojovic€3,080
26Giovanni Piccione€3,080
27Robert Laskowski€3,080
28Ori Elul€3,080
29Paul Hoefer€3,080
30Attila Kuna€3,080
31Michael Sklenička€3,080
32Johan Sundgren€2,775
33Giorgi Gogoladze€2,775
34Frank Visser€2,775
35Miroslav Juris€2,775
36Karl Sundin€2,775
37Peter Zolnai€2,775
38Marc Muller€2,775
39Riccardo de Rubeis€2,775
40Michael Wehner€2,295
41Elod Zsombok€2,295
42Zsolt Lassu€2,295
43Vladimir Bartko€2,295
44Richard Miklosovic€2,295
45Istvan Toth€2,295
46Markku Tammisto€2,295
47Dmitri Dudakov€2,295
48Sergejs Cugainovs€1,900
49Thomas Næss€1,900
50Erik Seffer€1,900
51Nils Linden€1,900
52Sebastian Schulze€1,900
53Carsten Lund Larsen€1,900
54Hector Fortea Grangel€1,900
55David Kurbel€1,900
56Kenneth Aspestrand€1,570
57Nils Leif Doverklint€1,570
58Robert Komlodi€1,570
59Ergo Rohi€1,570
60Ayrton Turudic€1,570
61Leif Iversen€1,570
62Marius Hoegtun€1,570
63Raymond Forsland€1,570
64Savvas Papadopoulos€1,300
65Domenik Schlesinger€1,300
66Mateusz Moolhuizen€1,300
67Dan Jackson€1,300
68Jakub Matusiak€1,300
69Siegfried Rath€1,300
70Viktor Eriksson€1,300
71Paul Maguire€1,300
72Szerhij Danasevszkij€1,085
73Yaron Amsalem€1,085
74Peter Behr€1,085
75Gyorgy Laszlo€1,085
76Erik Zackrisson€1,085
77Patrik Kunik€1,085
78Matus Kucera€1,085
79Johannes Huisman€1,085
80Alexander Moser€935
81Karlo Finka€935
82Iraklis Manikaros€935
83Daniyel Destici€935
84Alexander Willem Van Dijk€935
85Kristiyan Spasov€935
86Jozsef Dobos€935
87Zdenko Slavik€935
88Krzysztof Nowakowski€815
89Holger Brueck€815
90Cole Maguire€815
91Kyrill Leutwyler€815
92Dragos-Constantin Negrii€815
93Michael Zauner€815
94Roberts Krigers€815
95Stefan Bugar€815
96Miroslav Zitka€815
97Dominik Desset€815
98Damian Marcinkowski€815
99Ivan Barczi€815
100Emmanouil Zacharakis€815
101Matyas Kende€815
102Richard Aotaeht€815
103Daniel Schausberger€815
104Tibor Benko€725
105Ervin Kuglis€725
106Andreas Pavli€725
107Tamas Braun€725
108Adam Jindra€725
109Johannes van Aalst€725
110Plamen Yakimov€725
111Dominik Znasik€725
112Johan Amren€725
113Sebastian Kotowicz€725
114Espen Gundersen€725
115Miroslav Druga€725
116David Courselles€725
117Robert Sloboda€725
118Simon Ye€725
119Symeon Marvakis€725
120Christos Vettas€665
121Eden Azulay€665
122David Ankava Onkioa€665
123Aurelie Dassi€665
124Attila Tarko€665
125Feng Li€665
126Chen Keren€665
127Konstantinos Nanos€665
128Emmanuel Leghait€665
129Wang Lu€665
130Kwan Shun Sam Lau€665
131Patrik Ciklamini€665
132Alain Berth€665
133Almir Koljenovic€665
134Filip Sramka€665
135Andras Matrai€665
136Robin Cornet€605
137Natanel Mamis€605
138Yordan Dichev€605
139Emir Jusuframic€605
140Slimane Mameche€605
141Ole Johan Wasenius€605
142Sivan Mirani€605
143Per Thomas Lindstroem€605
144Jozef Bartalos€605
145Joel Christian Salmirinne€605
146Richard Msall€605
147Rene Vonwald€605
148Morten Bremseth€605
149Robert Perelman€605
150Vojtech Paxian€605
151Jon Kyte€605
152Wessam Bitar€605
153Jenny Westerlund€605
154Andrej Kocian€605
155Dimitrios Nanos€605
156Alexandros Fixmer€605
157Dalil Masaud€605
158Branislav Ondrus€605
159Teodor Popovic€605
160Istvan Kovács€605