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  • Olympic Park Casino Manager Jaan Vaabel Thrilled to be Hosting The Festival

Olympic Park Casino Manager Jaan Vaabel Thrilled to be Hosting The Festival

Olympic Park Casino Manager Jaan Vaabel Thrilled to be Hosting The Festival

The Festival Series Tallinn is just days away at Olympic Park Casino and the Hilton Tallinn Park from June 27 to July 3. 

We wanted to take time out to wish Olympic Park Casino General Manager Jaan Vaabel a happy birthday and wish you an amazing day.

Olympic Park Casino hosts the biggest events in Northern Europe and truly not only stands out for the amazing venue but the accommodating and friendly staff including Jaan Vaabel and notably Poker Marketing Live Events Manager Karev Tralla, who is always around as a concierge and much more during every big event.

Vaabel is thrilled that Olympic Park Casino is hosting The Festival Series next week.

“Olympic Park Casino is thrilled to be hosting The Festival Series. It fits very well into the dynamic of our players who not only love no-limit hold'em, but they love mixing the schedule, we have worked with Franke for many years, including hosting a record-breaking number of Cash Game Festivals and with Mauritz on numerous successful events as well. We look forward to providing an amazing experience for The Festival Series players.

First Class Experience at the Flagship Casino

Olympic Park Casino
Olympic Park Casino inside the Hilton Tallinn Park

Olympic Park Casino is like a second home to this author, who has worked countless events as both a reporter and a commentator. When not working at an event, I often try to visit Olympic Park Casino to play not only because of the amazing tournament schedules and cash games but also thanks to the amazing ambiance felt throughout the poker room. The adjoining Hilton hotel is not only luxurious but just an elevator ride away from the poker action. Vaabel and his team should be proud of what they accomplished at their newest venue.

“Olympic Park Casino is our newest and prettiest flagship casino. It isn’t really brand new as it’s six years now but we can still say it's new,” said Vaabel. “Many say that it's the most beautiful Hilton Hotel in Europe. Players can expect a very, very nice hotel and a Las Vegas-like flagship casino with all the lights and glamour. it's a very beautiful casino and a warm welcome, of course, from the staff and a first-class service will be offered.”

First-time players at Olympic Park Casino are in for an extra treat as the casino will welcome you with an amazing welcome present that include free play vouchers and, of course, free drinks. PokerListings’ Arved Klöhn recently joined this author in live reporting the Coolbet Open Main Event. This was Klöhn’s first visit to the casino and he is looking forward to returning for The Festival Series.

“My first time in the Olympic Casino a couple of weeks ago was a blast,” Klöhn shared. “The casino has a very relaxed atmosphere with a huge bar right in the middle and the staff is super friendly. On top of that, I received no less than four vouchers worth €25 each on my first four days plus a free drink on each of those days. I'm definitely looking forward to coming back next week.”

Action Around the Clock with 80 Tables

Vaabel shared that there will be up to 80 tables available during The Festival Series. This includes the 18 tables downstairs on the casino floor that will primarily be used for cash games.

Although Vaabel advises players to register for cash games well in advance, especially on the weekends, it is possible during peak hours that some of the cash games will be moved upstairs to allow more players to enjoy the action. Cash games at Olympic Park Casino are amazing whether you like to play no-limit hold’em, pot-limit Omaha, or mixed games including super dealer’s choice and Sviten Special.

Tournaments will primarily be available on the tournament floor but to avoid any lines we recommend you register in advance using the e-wallet Luxon Pay.

Read more here about how to take advantage of Luxon Pay for all The Festival Series Tallinn events.

More Food Options

In the past, events at Olympic Park Casino and the Hilton Tallinn Park included plenty of options for players to choose from for a meal including grabbing a quick bite at the hotel bar or heading to the world-class restaurant The Able Butcher. Players could also order something tasty from the casino bar as well.

All of these options are still available but Vaabel shared that this time the Olybet Bar & Grill will be offering a limited menu in the lounge area right near the heart of the tournament action from 3 p.m. to 6 p.m. This is great for players that are in events as they can get a quality meal served quickly so they don’t have to miss any of the action at a reasonable price.

Vaabel to Play the Acroud Charity Tournament

Vaabel has the chance to show off his poker skills as he will be playing via a live stream in the Acroud Charity Tournament on June 29. The Olympic Group has a notable poker guru on its team in Martin Piik, who won the final MPNPT Main Event in Madrid in 2020 just before the pandemic started. Vaabel explained why he thinks he is the better player.

“Come on, I don’t even have to look at my cards,” said Vaabel when asked if he was better than Piik. “Interesting fact, I played one tournament with like 20 people. On every hand, I was blind for the first 3 ½ hours. The first time I started looking at my cards was when I was heads-up. I was already quite a long ahead and I won the tournament. So Martin has to look at his cards and I don’t have to.”

Even if Vaabel opts to play blind, the rest of the poker world will know what he has with the Acroud Charity Tournament live-streamed.

Register for The Festival Series with Luxon Pay

We look forward to visiting Olympic Park Casino next week for a week of amazing poker and casino action.

You can already register now via Luxon Pay to have your seat to any event on The Festival Series Tallinn reserved and confirmed, which will save you time at the casino.

Read more here about how to take advantage of Luxon Pay for all The Festival Series Tallinn events.