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  • The Festival Series Twitch streamer ‘Deckflow’: successful poker player is more like a pro athlete

The Festival Series Twitch streamer ‘Deckflow’: successful poker player is more like a pro athlete

The Festival Series Twitch streamer ‘Deckflow’: successful poker player is more like a pro athlete

One of Estonians upcoming Twitch-streamers has joined forces with The Festival Series recently. Oskar ‘Deckflow’ Ojaveer will be streaming all qualifier tournaments on Optibet towards The Festival Series in Nottingham live on his Twitch Channel! We contacted Oskar swiftly and asked him what the poker community can expect of him:

[TF] Hi Oskar! We are happy you are on board with us, and we would like to introduce you to the world. Tell us a bit more about yourself.

  • [Oskar] Hey. I have been playing poker for almost as long as I can remember - my first memory is from when I was a preschooler and we played 5-card draw with friends. Later during my psychology studies in university, a classmate introduced me to online poker. I was hooked right from the get-go - as an avid computer gamer I saw an opportunity to play a game and make some money while doing it. Through poker I have met many great people and some I consider lifelong friends. I took up streaming on twitch a few years ago and have been taking it more seriously starting from the beginning of this year. Besides poker I like to snowboard, hike, and listen to podcasts on a variety of different topics. I am also a family man and have a 7-year-old son. I am super proud of him, and I am trying to be a good role model.

[TF] You were telling us that you were a full-pro poker player for about ten years by now. How was the ride so far? What keeps you going?

  • [Oskar] I have been able to put the bread on the table with poker for a decade now, but I didn't consider myself as a pro before 2016 or so. Because I wasn't approaching the game as a pro should. Back when I started the games were so easy, I didn't need to cultivate good study habits and my habits off the table were horrible. The games have gotten more competitive over the years so nowadays I would say a successful poker player is more like a pro athlete. I have gotten better over the years, but I consider myself as a ‘work in progress’ both as a poker player and a human being. The passion for the game keeps me going and that's one reason I started my stream too - to share this passion with the world!

[TF] What can people expect of your streams for The Festival Series?

  • [Oskar] I am streaming 4-5 times a week and usually I stream my full tournament session. On Sundays when I am playing the main qualifier for The Festival Series, I also have tons of action on the side so one can expect plenty of punts and hopefully some deep runs too! Last two Sundays I have finished 2nd twice when there was a full package up for grabs. I don't know what this says about my heads-up game, but I will keep trying.

As mentioned, Oskar ‘Deckflow’ Ojaveer will streaming the qualifiers at Optibet for the next stop of The Festival Series in Nottingham (UK). We would like to make use of the occasion to wish him the best of luck and we are positive that it makes your Twitch experience worthwhile!

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