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  • Player of the Series Announcement – Festival Series Bratislava!

Player of the Series Announcement – Festival Series Bratislava!

Player of the Series Announcement – Festival Series Bratislava!

The Festival Series Bratislava has been a huge success when it comes to attendance rates! So many players from all over the world came to visit us at the Banco Casino in the heart of Bratislava. Players such as Kelly ''Kelstermania'' Kellner came all the way from Canada, and Jason Kiselis was also present, who originally comes from Australia and now residing in Monaco. For the 'Player of the Series' ranking every single player was eligible to participate and this happened automatically. Almost every tournament is included in the calculations, and it's about time to announce the winner of this honourable prize!

The 'Player of the Series' ranking is based on tournaments with a buy-in equivalent to €125 or higher, excluding the Ladies event, Seniors event, Satellites, and Flip 'n Goes. For every tournament players will accumulate points as by just entering a tournament, you get participation points. These points are based on the buy-in level. On top of that, players will receive additional points when they will reach the money spots. Last but not least, the points (excluding participation points) will be multiplied according to the field size. All terms and conditions about the 'Player of the Series' ranking you can find here. Here is the top 5 ranking from our stop in Bratislava 2023!

5. Risto Ponnio (121 Points)

Risto, who helped to shape the game of Open Face Chinese to how it's played nowadays, had a good final run at the series in Bratislava. He managed to scoop the Open Face Chinese High Roller event and gathered enough points to catapult him into the top 5 of the leader board. If there would be a ranking just for OFC games then Risto would have ownership of the victory.

Tournament NamePlacePoints
OFC High Roller1st 36
OFC Pineapple2nd 33
8-Game 4th 27
Main Event11
Mystery Bounty3
4/5/6 Cards PLO3
Friday NLH Turbo Midnight Madness2
Saturday PLO5 Turbo Midnight Madness2
Thursday NLH Turbo Midnight Madness2
Saturday NLH Turbo Midnight Madness2
Gabriel Rymar Wins TFS Bratislava Main Event

4. Gabriel Rymar (139 Points)

Gabriel perhaps has the most impressive runs this series by winning two of the biggest tournaments in terms of field size, with him finishing 4th in the overall ranking, you can see that winning the Main Event does not automatically give you the title of 'Player of the Series' as well. Nevertheless, he won't be too sad about it as he collected close to €100,000 in winnings overall!

Tournament NamePlacePoints
Main Event1st86
Bratislava Deepstack1st53
Robert Kontkanen

3. Robert Kontkanen (144 Points)

Robert has given everything to try and scoop the victory an become the player of the series. Unfortunately for the Swede, he just came in short. With a maximum of 36 points to be taken in the OFC High Roller, it would have helped him to secure the victory. Overall, Robert has made an outstanding performance, finishing SEVEN times in the money during one series event! At The Hendon Mob, you can also see the ranking of most cashes during all the stops in the history of The Festival Series!

Tournament NamePlacePoints
Saturday NLH Turbo Midnight Madness3rd29
Half 'n Half3rd29
Saturday PLO5 Turbo Midnight Madness5th24
Main Event74th17
Thursday NLH Turbo Midnight Madness13th12
Bratislava Deepstack28th7
NLH 15K GTD17th6
NLH Progressive KO3
The Hendon Mob Championship3
Mystery Bounty3
Sviten Special3
4/5/6 Cards PLO3
PLO Masters3
Blackjack Championship2

Rinatas Suleimanovas Wins PLO5 Midnight Madness

2. Rinatas Suleimanovas (153 Points)

It has been a close fight between Rinatas and the eventual winner of the ranking. Going into the last weekend it was just one point difference, where he also kicked out the eventual winner with his own hands in one of the tournaments. A great run, with a victory in one of the Turbo Midnight Madness events, gives him plenty of winnings overall, on which he can be proud of.

Tournament NamePlacePoints
Saturday PLO5 Turbo Midnight Madness1st39
4/5/6 Cards PLO3rd30
PLO Masters4th27
NLH Win the Button7th21
Main Event11
PLO High Roller11
NLH Freezeout3
Bratislava Deepstack3
NLH Progressive KO3
Mystery Bounty3
Half 'n Half2

  1. Scott 'Pokerbrahs' Kenyon (169 Points)

During our stop in Malta, Scott Kenyon was already noted down as one of the future potential winners of the ranking series as he finished 6th overall in Malta. In Bratislava, he made it his objective at some point when he took note of his great position at the leader board. Almost for the entire week, he was leading the ranking. By going into the final weekend as the leader, he already knew that he would collect quite some points regardless the outcome of those. Participation points can be decisive, and Scott is a perfect example of that by having played a stunning fifteen events overall!

Congratulations to 'Pokerbrahs' for being the most accomplished player during The Festival Series Bratislava 2023! You have won a package worth €1,600 for our next stop which starts on the 31st of May 2024!

Tournament NamePlacePoints
PLO Masters2nd33
Thursday NLH Turbo Midnight Madness10th17
Saturday NLH Turbo Midnight Madness11th15
Main Event11
OFC High Roller11
OFC Pineapple3
Sviten Special3
PLO Freezeout3
Roulette Championship2
Saturday PLO5 Turbo Midnight Madness2
Crazy Pineapple2
Half 'n Half*14th*11*
*13 players ITM - Hand-For-Hand two bust outs --> 13th and 14h share bottom prize ITM