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  • €250 PokerStrategy x The Festival: Malta Centroll

€250 PokerStrategy x The Festival: Malta Centroll

€250 PokerStrategy x The Festival: Malta Centroll

Unibet, an online gaming platform, is thrilled to offer players daily opportunities to qualify for The Festival Malta 2023, a poker tournament that promises an unforgettable player experience, with exciting Blackjack and Roulette tournaments, as well as a top-tier hospitality package. From its beautiful beaches and crystal-clear waters to its rich architectural heritage, Malta is an ideal destination for those who enjoy traveling and exploring new places. You would be a fool to miss out on the chance to visit Malta in May.

€250 PokerStrategy x The Festival: Malta Centroll

Franke teaching players an unbeatable "all-in" strategy
  • Buy-in: 0,01€
  • Password: festival
  • Starting time: Monday, March 27 at 20:00 CEST
  • Starting stack: 3000 in chips
  • Blinds: 5 min levels
  • Late reg: 6 levels
  • Rebuys: max.3 times, 0,01€
  • Prizepool: 25x €10 The Festival Qualifier

To find €250 PokerStrategy x The Festival: Malta Centroll just search for 'Festival' in the Unibet tournament lobby

In addition, at the same time as the tournament today, there will also be a Twitch poker stream under the watchful eye of PokerStrategy coach "Lem0n36", with none other than The Festival's founder, Franke, as a student. We wish the teacher strong nerves because as we all know: FrankeFest (Franke Unibet screenname) loves to go all in regardless of the starting hand.

Franke game plan for the PokerStrategy Centroll tournament

In In addition, PokerStrategy offers the opportunity for all today's players to take advantage of extra benefits, which can be found here.

Unibet Flip Satellites

To qualify for The Festival Malta 2023, players can participate in Unibet flip tournaments, starting with a €0.40 buy-in that guarantees a €2 ticket. From there, players can progress to a €2 tournament and then to a €10 tournament, with a chance to win a €50 ticket that can be used to enter a €250 satellite tournament or to compete for a seat in the main event, which has a ticket value of €550 on Tuesdays.

Unibet Weekly Qualifiers

Unibet offers exciting weekly finals for players to compete and earn a chance to participate in The Festival Malta. On Tuesdays, players can win a seat at the main event, while on Thursdays, they can compete for a festival package that includes more than just a tournament ticket. The festival package also covers accommodation and travel expenses, providing players a full and hassle-free experience. Also, don't forget that you can follow the weekly finals live on our Twitch channel, where streamer Jacob will try to do this week what was left undone last week.