Get Ready to Party: The Festival Malta 2023 Schedule Unveiled

Get Ready to Party: The Festival Malta 2023 Schedule Unveiled

You're wondering what the world is doing when Europe is awake and poker players' eyes are turned towards England, where The Festival Nottingham 2023 is taking place in the middle of Sherwood Forest. In the forest, a true sanctuary of poker has been built - the Dusk Till Dawn casino. In this place where poker is sacred, where all-in is as significant as paying in a store.

But in reality, we did not want to talk about it.

Asia, Australia, Africa, North and South America, Antarctica, and of course Europe - we ask for everyone's attention for a moment! Yes, although one of our events is still ongoing, we are already quietly thinking about what's to come. In less than three months, our first conquest of Malta, the Portomaso Casino, will take place. While we announced the first hotel offers for Malta a few days ago, today we have a piece of even bigger and happier news to announce to all of you. We have finalized the schedule for The Festival Malta 2023, which includes 51 tournaments held over eight days (From May 15th to May 21st, there are seven days, but nevertheless, we will play with your senses and start things a day earlier) including regular Texas Holdem and Omaha tournaments, but also plenty of mixed games for the enjoyment of all poker players. In addition, the schedule includes Blackjack and Roulette tournaments that have already been established, as well as a newly updated slot tournament and a sports betting tournament that was missing from Robin Hood's paths.

Those are some of the highlights:

But why talk too much, as they say. One picture is worth a thousand words, so let's taste the good stuff.

Click the schedule to see it on larger dimensions

Download the Festival Malta schedule from here.

We remind you that the tournament schedule is in place, but may still require some adjustments. If you have good suggestions regarding the tournament schedule, don't hesitate to contact us via email.

You can check Malta 2023 schedule also from here.


  • Main Event has 4 starting days and each day plays 12 levels
  • Some tournaments may be capped, so we recommend using Luxon Pay for buy-ins

If you haven't started playing satellite tournaments for Malta on our various online partner sites, then next week we're holding a special tournament with a guaranteed prize pool of 3x2000€ to celebrate our founder Franke's birthday. You can find other qualifications in our 'Qualify' section.