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  • Meet The Festival Series Artist ‘Modernoise’: Creator of Pure Craftsmanship

Meet The Festival Series Artist ‘Modernoise’: Creator of Pure Craftsmanship

Meet The Festival Series Artist ‘Modernoise’:  Creator of Pure Craftsmanship

The Festival Series is a one-of-a-kind poker Series based on mixed games with an emphasis on providing a unique experience for all poker players. By continuously being innovative, we strive to keep it as entertaining as possible.

Since the previous edition of The Festival Series in Bratislava, a new impetus has been given to this by providing the winners of each event with a great trophy in the form of a portrait drawing. We will continue this during the upcoming editions because we believe that this way the trophy will have even more opinions.

In this interview, you will meet artist Yevgen Karpenko, the brains, and hands, behind these amazing portraits. He goes through life with the stage name 'Modernoise'. Enjoy reading!

Melvin, TF: Hei Yevgen! You are the artist behind our unique trophies which we are handing out since our stop of The Festival Series in Bratislava. Would you mind telling is who is behind the name ‘Modernoise’?

  • Modernoise: Hello to you! I was born and raised in Ukraine. I was definitely born with a talent for drawing. My parents are theater artists who instilled in me a love of art. My mother graduated from the Academy of Architecture with a degree in Architecture. I have always been an artist and that is why all the companies I have worked for have been related to art and creativity. This includes game development, film production, and individual creative projects. Now I am a freelance artist and do whatever I like. I started to draw my first portraits at the age of 5, and these were portraits of my parents. I could stop them at work, at that moment they were drawing something for the theater, and I was drawing them. Subsequently, I poured out the proportions and facial features well, so for the time being I am interested in drawing portraits, whether it be caricatures, a sketch, or realistic portraits in paint.

Melvin TF: What kind of art do you all provide?

  • Modernoise: Now my main direction is digital art. A lot of what I do is illustrations and book covers, art for computer games, graphics for web pages, and much more for various products. I try to create unique and high-quality art and I can afford to choose exciting projects.

Melvin TF: You are connected to The Festival Series, which is of course a poker festival. Do you play yourself as well? What do you think about poker?

  • Modernoise: Yes, I am very grateful for participating in your project! I like to portray new and distinctive faces of the players. I don't play, I make money with art. But I had a period when I was designing for computer games and online casinos. I believe that if you play and spend most of your time in it, then it should generate income, and playing just for fun is a waste of precious time. I'm an artist, not a player.

Melvin TF: How do you define your art? What does your portraits stand out by?

  • Modernoise: My work includes not only digital illustrations but also drawings, paintings, and ink drawings. Thus, I have a wide range of creative abilities. I try not to stand still and try something new and interesting for me. I have long loved drawing people's faces because they are all different and unique. When creating a portrait, I focus on its intended purpose: it will be published on Instagram, is it a business portrait on the website, or is it a portrait that will hang in the interior on the wall in a frame. Therefore, I use different styles, I like to try something new and unique. And finally, people recognize themselves in the portraits that I create for them.

Melvin TF: You have one festival series behind your name. How does a day look like for you during such a busy week in regards of the many winners we present every day?

  • Modernoise: This is a stressful time for me, I experienced something similar when I participated in Inktober (an annual art marathon on Facebook), when you need to create one or more ink images every day for a month and publish them. on your page. It's like practicing the artistic skills that are expected in your own style. As for The Festival, every day, right from the morning, I am in touch with the organizers of the festival and photographers who send me photos of the winners. By the evening I have already finished the portraits. Sometimes I stay up late because I want to get everything done on time. We already have a certain style of portraits, so I know how to quickly and efficiently introduce each new winner of the festival. These days my iPad doesn't leave.

Do you want to get a portrait yourself? We would kindly, but strongly, recommend you check out the social media of Yevgen Karpenko alias Modernoise. Does not matter for which purpose you are looking for art, he can do it all. Dont forget to come to Nottingham for our upcoming event from February 13th to February 19th. There are still qualifiers available on various poker sites!