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  • The Festival Series – Meet Anuro of ‘ZoanZockt’, streamer for CasinoTogether!

The Festival Series – Meet Anuro of ‘ZoanZockt’, streamer for CasinoTogether!

The Festival Series – Meet Anuro of ‘ZoanZockt’, streamer for CasinoTogether!

The world of online gaming has exploded throughout the last couple of years. Streaming in particular, is key to the growth of online gaming. Wherever you are, using any kind of device that allows you to go on the internet, is being used for social media, YouTube, and streams. With all this combined, you have the magic formula for streamers.  Besides the gaming streams, you have another hot topic with people who stream their slot machine adventures. One of these prospects is Anuro. He is one of the team members of ZOANzockt, and is showing his skills to the audience every Friday and Saturday on all platforms in collaboration with CasinoTogether. The Festival Series is always looking for potential, and we are happy to announce that we joined forces with both of them! Not only is Anuro one of the top slots streamers out there, but he is also a casual poker player, and let it be a coincidence that he will visit our next stop in Bratislava!

It all began for Anuro like many streamers kicked off their dream of showing off their skills and having a loyal community, namely by watching other streams. In the mid-2010s, streaming was extremely popular. Streamers get their revenue by getting subscribers mainly, but also being backed up by sponsors such as casino operators such as CasinoTogether. We had a little chat with this fellow slots streamer, who is communicating with his audience in German, to be able to introduce him to The Festival community. One thing we know already, he will be one of the contestants to look out for, during the Slots tournament in Bratislava! This beloved tournament of The Festival Series will be once again part of our schedule and we aim it to be bigger than any time before! If you already want some tips, visit this page to work on your special skillset or just check out the streams of our new partner in crime; Anuro!

Melvin TF: Hi Anuro! Let’s start of easy and introduce you to the world of The Festival Series. CasinoTogether and ZoanZockt is a match made in heaven. We are extremely excited to be partnered up for our next event!

Anuro: Guten Tag! I am a professional slots streamer and together with my companions 'Zoel' and 'Alina', we created a streaming trio called 'ZoanZockt'. We have several more people working behind the scenes such as moderators. Speaking for myself, I started streaming about four years ago and am currently among the top 3 German-speaking slots streamers. We stream for CasinoTogether, which for us is an excellent online casino where all the popular slots are available. We have built up a good partnership.

Melvin TF: The bridge between poker and slots isn’t that big. I heard you were quite a poker player yourself. What’s your history with poker?

Anuro: I started playing poker when I was like 18 years old, playing these Moneymaker Freerolls on Stars, and eventually tried a lot of poker in the early days. I think what I have learned from all the poker, is to have learned bankroll management. Beforehand, it was always playing the whole bankroll; Again, and again, and again. It was so bad, I decided to not play any tournaments anymore.

Melvin TF: What about The Festival Series and Bratislava? Have you ever been abroad to play poker?

Anuro: Half a year ago I wanted to play a couple of live events, one of them was a WSOP circuit series. I set my eyes on one of these rings, would love to win one like that. I started off really well with a 14th place in the first event, followed by a deep run in my second event. With four people left, I was the massive chip leader. After losing a couple of hands, I went a bit crazy and finished in 4th. This was really a hit mentally and decided to leave it as it is and not play any events that week anymore.

About Bratislava, I have heard a lot of good things. I know that it is one of the poker hotspots at the moment with many big festivals being organized there. I see many advertisements passing by on Facebook. But never have been there. At the end of this year, with The Festival Series, it will be the first time and I am very much looking forward to it!


Melvin TF: Now about the slots, as that is your expertise after all! Always wondered what it is, that is behind these slots streamers. You must have stories to tell here!

Anuro: Haha, I like to gamble, that’s a fact! When I was a youngster, I came along with my brother to the Arcades in Germany. I had to go with him, and when I was in the billiard saloon, I could see the slot machines. That’s where it all started. I played casino games my whole life, and also played slots online.

In the beginning, I was just taking all these 100% bonuses everywhere, in every online casino. When I saw these online slots streamers, I wanted to do the same so I went for it. First, we started to stream on Twitch, and some years later things changed at this streaming platform, so we tried to stream on Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube. Now we do all, including Twitch, all together. And perhaps we have gained some ground here, as many streamers stayed only on Twitch with their channel.

I stream only Friday and Saturday, three hours each. And I maintain the business in the backyard. There is a lot of work that goes into that, which people do not often realise. And we have several people who are working behind the scenes such as moderators, social media, and designers. Before I streamed six days a week, but the lust for that disappeared, to play so many times.

On our social media channels, we have a video with over 100k views. And around ten or twenty highlight videos that have over 1 million views combined. At Twitch we have a solid community with 23,000 followers. Then we have Discord, Telegram, and Instagram. But the biggest community remains Twitch, with up to 1,000 to 1,400 viewers. CasinoTogether plays a big role in this, I am very happy.

Come follow us and perhaps we will see you in Bratislava as well during The Festival Series from November 27th until December 3rd!