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  • The Festival Series meets – Leif Eddy Iverson – Qualifier Mastermind

The Festival Series meets – Leif Eddy Iverson – Qualifier Mastermind

The Festival Series meets – Leif Eddy Iverson – Qualifier Mastermind

The online qualifiers are in full swing, with new winners coming in just about every day to secure a package to our next stop at The Festival in Malta. Then the online gaming tables are not the battleground, but the repulsive Portomaso Casino. One of those winners is a Norwegian poker friend of The Festival, in the name of Leif Eddy Iversen. We spoke briefly with the former Norwegian Champion and asked him about his experiences in poker.

Melvin TF: Hi Leif. A pleasure of having you here. Recently you won a package for The Festival Series Malta, are you thrilled to be part of it again? Do you often play the satellites to the event online?

Leif: ‘’Thank you, it's great to be here. It was so much fun to win the Festival Easter series on Coolbet, and it was exciting all the way to the end. I do look forward to Malta, and I hope to make it possible to travel. Yes, I do play a lot of satellites, I do like that type of game.’’

Leif Eddy Iversen

Melvin TF: As a poker player, how would you describe yourself? Of course, you were crowned as a Norwegian Champion back in 2018, and you are streaming online poker on a regular base. But who is Leif as a player? Do you study a lot of poker for example? Or are you truly passionate about the game?

Leif: ‘’It was a huge moment to become National Champion back in 2018, and to beat a field of 756 players. I have for approx. 2 1/2 year had my own tournament on Coolbet called Leffern's Global Deepstack, and this tournament is streamed by one of the best poker streamers, Ylva Thorsrud on her stream Jevakim on Twitch.

I would like to give Ylva and the other Norwegian streamers a huge thank you for what they started when the pandemic hit us. They built a huge community and a social network for people who wanted to play online poker. For me who is living alone, this was a great way to meet people, online and do my hobby. I had never played online poker before the pandemic.

I would describe myself as a very patient player, but I like to believe that I have the capability to make moves that can surprise my opponents. I do not study poker, but have read the books from J. Harrington, and have a huge passion for the game.’’

Melvin TF: What makes The Festival Series an event for you to visit? How were your experiences in Tallinn and Bratislava? If there would be one thing you would change/adjust about the event, what would that be?

Leif: ‘’The festival has a lot of different tournaments, including mixed games, which are great fun to play. Also, the buy-ins are good so it allows many budget holders to play quite a few tournaments during the series. My experience in both Tallinn and Bratislava was very positive and felt taken very well care of by The Festival team. I do not want you to change anything a the moment, since I like the events very much.’’

Melvin TF: What is your favorite all-time poker moment?

Leif: ‘’I can't get away from the moment of becoming National Champion in 2018, that was huge, but also following my son, Eirik Rud Iversen becoming National Champion in Heads-up in Dublin in 2012 was a huge moment. I would also mention when he and I traveled to the WSOP in 2014 for 18 days, staying at the Aria. There I had my first international cash at a WPT tournament at Aria. It was also exciting to watch my daughter Aasne Rud Iversenon reach the Final table in the Norwegian Championship in Bratislava now in March/April.’’

Melvin TF: What do you do outside poker? Do you have any specific hobbies?

Leif: ‘’I love to play golf, and have played since 1995, and are organizing a group of golf friends of 18 people, which plays a lot. I also played handball actively for 15 years, in one of the best clubs in Norway in the 80s called Uraedd. Played veteran handball until I was 59 years old, but had to spare my knees.

It has always been important to me to follow up with my children on their different hobbies during their youth, and now I am following up on my granddaughter who also is playing handball.’’

Melvin TF: How would you rate Franke as a poker player? From 0 to 10, how much of a fish he is?

Leif: ‘’I think that Franke is a much better poker player than he tries to look like. I would like to say that he's an 8. He is always trying to undersell himself, but that is only a game, I do believe.’’

Leif Eddy Iversen - TOP 5 Results

EventTournamentPlacePrize money
1Norwegian Championship 2018kr 2500 Deepstack No Limit Holdem1$ 28,494
2The Festival Bratislava 2022€ 250 Pot Limit Omaha (Event #11)2$ 3,268
3EPT Barcelona 2015€ 330 No-Limit Hold´em (Event #68)8$ 2,784
4Vi Menn Open Copenhagen 2017DKr 2200 No-Limit Hold´em10$ 2,228
5Norwgian Championship 2022€ 880 8-Game ( Event #9)11$ 2,205

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