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  • The Festival Series Meets – Value Town – Power of streaming

The Festival Series Meets – Value Town – Power of streaming

The Festival Series Meets – Value Town – Power of streaming

As the date for the Malta poker event draws closer, players are scrambling to secure their full package upfront in the final two weeks of qualifiers offered by various poker sites. One new addition to the qualifying schedule is a collaboration between popular Swedish streaming group "Value Town" and PAF, offering two guaranteed packages for the event at Portomaso Casino from May 15 to 21.

To be successful on platforms like Twitch, streamers must have dedication and persistence to achieve their goals. They must also possess a certain level of entertainment value while remaining true to themselves and conveying emotions effectively. The members of this Swedish streaming group have mastered all of these qualities, making them a force to be reckoned with in the Twitch community. For now they are mainly focussed on the Swedish market, perhaps soon switching to English to turn globally. Let's hear what Robin of ValueTown has to say!

Melvin TF: Hi Value Town! How is it going in the world of Twitch? I’m wondering how you guys ended up together in the first place, you all come from the same town? How did the Twitch project come to light?

VALUE TOWN: ‘’The world of Twitch is keeping us on our feet! It is a lot of fun to stream your poker adventures but when tricky spots appear, and you make the wrong move the moment will last forever on the beloved internet. But, at the same time, the successes you have can be celebrated with the viewers and that is an amazing feeling.

Me (Robin), Martin, and Daniel are from different parts of Sweden, but we met up at the Swedish Championship in Tallinn in 2019 and started talking about how fun it would be to start an online community. Said and done, when we got home, we got to work and a couple of months later it was up and running and today we can be found on Twitch, Discord, Facebook, Youtube, Instagram, Twitter, and TikTok with members in the thousands depending on the medium. Also, we have a website and a Podcast. Apart from poker we also stream betting and Fantasy Football and are live almost every day of the week.’’

Melvin TF: You guys are mainly focussing on the Swedish audience, and create a lot of content around your stream as well which must take quite some time. What are you guys doing in real life? Full-time pro’s? Or working a day-to-day job as well?

VALUE TOWN: ‘’You’re right that we are a Swedish community as for now. However, it would have been nice to expand to other countries in the future to give even more people the chance of feeling this community’s warmth. Operating this type of community is very time-consuming but obviously very fun otherwise we wouldn’t have done it. As of August, last year I (Robin) am working full-time as well as finishing up the last course to get my master’s degree in IT Management. Daniel is playing full-time, and Martin is studying and plays poker on the side.’’

The Festival Series offers many satellites, one of the platforms where you can win a package is PAF. You guys are playing on this poker site as well. Can you tell us more about it?

VALUE TOWN: ‘’Yes, PAF is one of the clients operating on the iPoker network which we feel is a really nice network to play on. There are a lot of satellites being played and on Wednesday the 3rd of May, as well as Sunday the 7th, we will have our satellite together with PAF where there’s going to be 2x €1600 Festival packages to Malta guaranteed. These satellites will start at 19.30 CET and have a buy-in of €20 with the possibility of rebuy and add-on.’’

Melvin TF: Sweden is known for its many forests, lakes, and islands. Which should mean there is plenty of places for fish! But in poker, in general, Swedish poker players are well-known for their aggressive but calculated playing style. Are you sharing that thought? Who are your biggest examples in Swedish poker?

VALUE TOWN: ‘’Yes, Swedes have been known for being aggressive back in the days but I’m not so sure that is true for most players, but rather for the Swedish poker celebrities. However, we do have a lot of really accomplished and good players, both live and online. Some examples I can think of top of mind is Martin Jacobson, Jerry ‘perrymejsen’ Odeen, Niklas ‘Lena900’ Astedt, and of course Viktor ‘Isildur1’ Blom. But as I said, that is just top of mind, there are a whole bunch of other great Swedes playing poker as well.’’

Melvin TF: You guys are really rocking the place on your Twitch Channel and we absolutely love everything about it. Will you guys be coming to Malta to bring your virtual poker skills into some live poker action? The Swedes love Malta!

VALUE TOWN: ‘’One of our streamers Simon ’Snygren’ Nygren, who streams on Mondays, will be there a 100%. Personally, it might be tricky with final assignments and stuff coming up during those dates at the university, but if I manage to snatch one of the packages, I might have to bring a laptop and continue my academic advancement from the beautiful rock that is Malta. I’ve been there 3 or 4 times before and absolutely love it.’’’

Details: € 1,600 The Value Town package

The €1,600 package consists of:

  • 5 nights single/double/twin hotel room at the Hotel Valentina (you can bring a friend) 16/05 - 21/05
  • Breakfast for two
  • Buy-In to the Poker Main Event (€550)
  • Hospitality Package: Entry to daily social side activities