Hotel Information – Book Your Malta Stay Now

Hotel Information – Book Your Malta Stay Now

As we prepare for The Festival Series in Malta, set to take place in May, we want to make it easy for players to book their accommodation. We have made reservations at three hotels, with options for different price ranges. Additionally, for the first time, we are offering the possibility to book accommodation for groups of up to three people per room. To book your stay, please contact us directly via email.

Malta is a small country where you can always go by swimming.

Malta is a small island country located in the Mediterranean Sea, known for its rich history, stunning beaches and crystal clear waters. It's a popular tourist destination and offers a wide range of activities, from swimming and snorkeling to exploring ancient ruins and castles. Malta also boasts a vibrant nightlife and delicious local cuisine. Some of the must-see attractions in Malta include the historic city of Valletta, the Blue Lagoon, and the ancient Megalithic Temples.

When it comes to sports, Malta is home to several football clubs, including Valletta FC, Sliema Wanderers FC, and Hibernians F.C. all of which compete in the Maltese Premier League. Football is one of the most popular sports in Malta and games are often held at the National Stadium in Ta' Qali. Additionally, there are other sports clubs in Malta, such as Luxol St. Andrew's F.C. in Basketball, and Neptunes WPSC in Water polo.

Story Teller, inspiring poker player: Yes, you read that right. Water polo is played in Malta. It's not particularly unusual in and of itself, given the location, but the history behind it is quite interesting. The legend goes that when Robin Hood visited Malta, one of his shipmates tossed a round, leather ball into the water from the ship. The ball bobbed around in the waters near Malta's biggest port city until a local man saw it from the shore and wondered what it was. He gathered the whole island council together, and they decided to send the island's best swimmer to retrieve it. But when they couldn't find anyone on the island who knew how to swim, they sent out a call for help to other countries. This reached the Viking lands, where one of the ancestors of today's Festival Team was living. When he heard the call for a swimmer, ancestor immediately set out swimming towards Malta the next morning. After some time, he reached the island and had no trouble fetching the bobbing ball. From that day on, the man was called the "Water Polo Viking" by the Maltese people. Eventually, the Viking died, but the sport of water polo remained. And of course, eventually the locals learned to swim too. So if you see a ball standing alone on the beach in Malta while you're walking, don't hesitate to throw it into the water. We are quite confident that you will see a sight where hundreds if not thousands of locals will quickly follow it.

But enough of different memories. It´s time for some rest. Find the perfect place to lay your head with our wide range of Malta hotel options. Browse our offers now and select the ideal accommodation.


Golden Tulip Vivaldi Hotel

Located in the heart of Maltese Island, the Golden Tulip Vivaldi hotel offers a home away from home, and a hotel stays just 500 meters away from the Portomaso Casino, so you don´t need to get a cab to get to reach the games.

  • Single room: 110 euros / per night
  • Double/Twin room: 120 euros / per night
  • Triple room: 150 euros / per night

The price includes breakfast(s), and the opportunity to visit the outdoor pool area at the hotel.

A Tip from Gamblers to Gamblers: If you are tired of walking, then rent a scooter!


Hotel Valentina

The Hotel Valentina is a superior boutique hotel situated in the heart of Paceville’s entertainment hub, and just minutes away from Malta’s top casino, Portomaso Casino.

  • Single room: 145 euros / per night
  • Double/ Twin room: 170 euros / per night
  • Triple room: 195 euros / per night

The price includes breakfast(s), and the opportunity to visit the outdoor pool area at the hotel.

A Tip from Gamblers to Gamblers: If you are tired of using a scooter, then just walk!


Mercure St.Julien´s Malta

Centrally located in the heart of St. Julian's, 300m away from Portomaso Casino

  • Single room: 165 euros / per night
  • Double/ Twin room: 170 euros / per night

The price includes breakfast(s), and the opportunity to visit the outdoor pool area at the hotel.

A Tip from Gamblers to Gamblers: If you don't know how to get fasters to the casino, then here is a really nice tip for you- don't walk, just run! Usain Bolt would make it there in less than 30 seconds!

When booking a room, keep in mind the following important points:

  • Specify which hotel you would like to book a room in
  • Indicate the number of nights you wish to book the room for, and specify if it is a single/double or twin/triple room
  • Provide the check-in date
  • Provide the check-out date

Hotel booking terms and conditions:

  • 1. The hotel booking is arranged by The Festival Team.
  • 2. To book, please send a hotel request by email and we will then contact you.
  • 3. The hotel booking is free and there is no booking fee.
  • 4. A local tourism tax will be added to the hotel price, which will be payable at the hotel reception. Unfortunately, this is a variable price and it is currently not possible to say how much it will be in May. Now, city authorities have announced an increase in the municipal fee. On 1 April 2023, visitors will have to pay €2.75. A second increase will happen next year on 1 April 2024, when the fee will rise to €3.25. The tax applies to visitors staying in official tourist accommodation
  • 5. The room booking must be paid to The Festival team, for which you can get more specific information by contacting us via email.
  • 6. Please note that hotel booking is based on a deposit and the booking is non-refundable.
  • 7. The credit card (or deposit money) is charged the entire amount of the stay, on the day of the check-in date of the Guest at the Establishment.

How to get to Malta?

Getting to Malta is easy, as the island is well-connected by air and sea. The Malta International Airport is located close to the capital city of Valletta, and there are regular flights from major European cities and other destinations. Additionally, there are regular ferry services from other Mediterranean islands, and cruise ships also make frequent stops in Malta.