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Tournament Spotlight – The Hendon Mob Championship

Tournament Spotlight – The Hendon Mob Championship

The Hendon Mob Championship will be included in each of our festival stops in 2023. With a stop in Nottingham, the tournament will take place on February 18, starting at 1:00 p.m. The tournament which has two opening days and the decisive final day on Sunday, February 19, has a buy-in of £120. Both starting days play out till the money.

Key numbers to follow :

  • The Hendon Mob Championship Day 1A - 18.02.2022, at 1:00 p.m.
  • The Hendon Mob Championship Day 1B - 18.02.2022, at 6:00 p.m.
  • The Hendon Mob Championship Final Day - 19.02.2022, at 1:00 p.m.
  • Starting stack: 100,000
  • Levels: 25 minutes
  • Late registration: 6 levels
  • Re-entries: 10 levels
  • 1xRe-entry per starting flight

Previous events:

2022 Bratislava -  The Hendon Mob Grand Final Warm Up

  • Buy-In: €250
  • Entries: 131
  • Prize Pool: €28,000
1Peter Zolnai€7,000
2Simon Wilson€4,410
3Alexander Oswald€3,430
4Mark Berman€2,660
5Kristoffer Boerrud€2,100
6Riben Rasmussen€1,680

Key facts to know about The Hendon Mob Championship:

  • The winner of the event will get a gorgeous trophy, specially designed for this tournament and the trophy is made from acrylic
  • Each player who will cash gets a customized profile flag awarded for cashing the THMC event. This is something extra for those players who "collect" flags on The Hendon Mob.
  • Randomly there will be handed out a lot of The Hendon Mob merchandise. Just make sure you are in your seat at the start of the tournament. Want to secure your seat then buy it through the Luxon Pay payment method.

Who are those lovely faces on banners?

  • Head of Poker at Acroud
  • Head of Poker at Pokerlistings
  • Winner of Acroud Charity Tournament back in Bratislava 2022
  • Mauritz nickname is "General Mau"
  • Therefore, we do not recommend going to war with him at the poker table. You may or may not come out second in this battle
  • Mau is a man who never gets angry and he hates losing, which is why he always smiles.
  • Hendon Mob cashes: $2,849
  • Winner of Franke Flip Flops Tournament back in Bratislava 2022
  • Comes from the U.S. so he knows everything which concerns food. Apple Pie, Texas Barbecue, or Deep-Dish Pizza. Just name the food and Ian can talk about it.
  • Ian likes to talk about his origins, so for him, football means running with the ball and scoring touchdowns.
  • Feel free to ask how many touchdowns he has scored in one game. Was it four like Al Bundy once scores?
  • Anyway, just ask questions but don't ask too much, his heart may not be able to withstand it.
  • Hendon Mob cashes: $97,461
  • Main Event winner of The Festival Bratislava 2022
  • Michel won the biggest cash in Slovakia's poker history, €126,650
  • Michel is a professional poker player so make sure that you have a nut once you move all-in against him
  • Michel loves to talk about poker, winning strategies, GTO, or game solvers. Just name these things to him and he can talk for hours. Sometimes even days.
  • Rumor says that Michel sold Bibles to housewives in his previous life. This is probably where his incessant desire to tell stories comes from.
  • Hendon mob cashes: $275,321
  • Winner of the NL Texas 30 Grand Bratislava 2022, €9,240
  • Winner of the Texas Suprise Bratislava 2022, €3,737
  • Jan won two events during our previous stop in Bratislava
  • Jan introduces himself as an aggressive poker player for whom barreling three streets is out of the question
  • Jan's dream is to win three tournaments at one festival
  • When he was little, he dreamed of becoming an astronaut or the manager of a big store
  • Hendon Mob cashes: $88,350

Looking for more info about The Festival Nottingham 2023? Here you will find more details, incl. the schedule.