Welcome to The Festival in Bratislava

After months of planning and preparation, we are mere minutes away from kickoff at The Festival's inaugural event in the beautiful city of Bratislava! Dealers, staff and media are buzzing around the floor of Banco Casino and the Crowne Plaza hotel's conference rooms just upstairs, putting the finishing touches to the various tournament areas before an as yet unknown number of players arrive for a full week of poker, parties, and more.

The €300,000 guaranteed Main Event doesn't start until tomorrow, but today's schedule is packed with novelty and the non-traditional. At 4pm we'll be witnessing the start of the three-day €200 + €20 Sviten Special event - a particular favourite of The Festival mastermind Franke von Zweigbergk. Then at 6pm, Day 1a of the €225 + €25 Blackjack Championship commences; and should you still be hungry for some gaming action after that, Day 1a of the €225 + €25 Roulette Championship commences at 9pm.

The full schedule is available here.