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Highroller.com on board for The Festival in Tallinn

Just a week or so after announcing CasinoRoom’s partnership with The Festival Series, we are delighted to welcome on board its big sister brand, Highroller. We spoke to Mery Blomqvist, Group CMO of both sites’ parent company Ellmount Group, about what players can expect.

As Blomqvist sums it up: “Highroller is a sister casino brand to CasinoRoom, difference being CasinoRoom is all about light entertainment and offer something for everybody, whilst Highroller is neat, quick and to the point - for high rollers.”

Twitch ambassador for The Festival Series

As we’ve previously reported, CasinoRoom has recruited Twitch streamer Teukka to promote their partnership with The Festival Series; mirroring that close relationship between the sites, Highroller has their own Twitch ambassador for The Festival Series, to be announced in the next few days. “They’re really good friends, and one is working with CasinoRoom and the other is working with Highroller and they have a friendly battle.”

“It’s the same offering on both sites”, says Blomqvist, “So three packages of the same value. There’s a friendly battle going on between the Twitchers about which room is the better one. Of course it’s a friendly one! So that’s for fun,” she clarifies with a grin. “We’re very excited about The Festival and we wanted to sponsor it with both our brands.”

I suggest that we could make the Twitch streamers battle at The Festival in Tallinn. “Actually you know what, we should have an internal challenge - that would be so much fun!” Blomqvist enthuses. Both Twitchers are expected to attend The Festival in Tallinn, so watch this space for more info.

Satellites in April

The format for winning packages to The Festival in Tallinn will be similar on both sites. “It will be qualifiers and tournaments,” Blomqvist says. “The dates should be the same as for CasinoRoom - 23-30 April. So we will be promoting them online then. The Twitchers have already started, and the sponsorship gets official this week.”

Online gaming has experienced a boom over the past year, which many commentators have put down simply to the numbers of people across the world looking for entertainment online while they’ve been stuck at home. For Blomqvist´s brands last year showed great results, and she’s proud of the achievements that have been made with both of her brands.

“I would say it’s due to optimised marketing efforts,” she tells me. “Yes, some of it has been organic - but that’s thanks to the people who are working with the brand, and we’re scaling up the business. Poker was down for many years, but it was a must-have for many brands because it’s a gatekeeper product, and of course now, due to the situation, playing poker has increased. That’s for poker though - probably bingo too.  But for casino and betting, I would say it’s growing thanks to marketing efforts and brand-building.”

Indeed, Highroller has undergone an impressive facelift recently. A lot of thought has gone into redesigning the site, with regularly-updated bonuses, tempting promotions, seamless gameplay experience and a slick overall look. Their customer support is second to none with 24/7 live chat to answer players’ questions on security, payment, bonuses, and technical issues in real time - everything a player could want from an online casino.

With the partnership now official, the countdown to the qualifiers begins. Keep your eye firmly on the Highroller website for more info - and see you in Tallinn!

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