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  • Anish Patel & Comic Book : See You in Malta

Anish Patel & Comic Book : See You in Malta

Anish Patel & Comic Book : See You in Malta

The Festival Series, starting from the Festival Bratislava 2021, has aimed to offer players more than just poker games, with a focus on providing additional entertainment and value. This has included hosting off-site hospitality events and Omaha training courses with Jeraint "JJ" Hazan. As part of this approach, the Festival team partnered with Anish Patel, the creator of the Comic Book to bring a unique and enjoyable experience to players at their Nottingham festival. The comic book is inspired by real-life events and follows nine different characters on their journey to win the world's most coveted poker title. Due to the overwhelmingly positive response from players, The Festival team decided to invite Anish back as a partner for an upcoming Festival in Malta.

Anish Patel - The Festival Nottingham 2023

Anish: "Before I arrived at The Festival Series in Nottingham which was held in February 2023, I had some preparations to do when arrived there, setting up my Book Stand, trying and introducing myself, and doing my best to promote my graphic novel. But when I arrived both Franke and Karev welcome me to the event like I was part of the team. They introduced me to their team, the venue organizer, and poker dealers, and invited the press. I thought this was great what else could I ask for, however just before the start of the day’s play, they introduced me to the whole room of around 200 plus poker players. This eased me into promoting my Graphic Novel. I didn't need to introduce myself to players, they would come up to me and ask me questions about the book. Even when I sat to play people recognise me too.

This is what I was hoping for. Besides promoting my book during my time at the event, I watched how the event was organized, both Franke and Karev were non-stop on their feet, talking to players, staff etc, continuously updating their websites and social media account, and making sure the event was running smoothly. They made the series entertaining and it seem players were having a lot of fun even when they were losing a few poker hands.

Even though this was my first Poker event, I’m not sure if other events would have the same astrosphere. Once the series was over, I was ready to join the team in their next event in Malta in May 2023. This time I will be there for the whole event and looking forward to seeing Franke and Karev again."  

The Festival Malta - Don't miss the dates!

The Festival Malta 2023 full schedule - CLICK ME

To give players a taste of what's to come, The Festival Malta kicks off with the PokerListings Championship 1A starting day on Sunday, May 15th, at the Portomaso casino. Don't worry if you can't make it that day, as there are two more starting days on Monday and Tuesday. The PokerListings Championship's decisive second day takes place on Wednesday, and you can follow all the action through the live blog on The Festival website, with coverage provided by Jason Glatzer.

Your way to Malta might start through online qualifiers

To make it easier for players to qualify for Festival Malta, there are many online satellite tournaments available from various partners. For example, Unibet is currently offering step-satellite tournaments starting from just 0.01 cents, with the chance to win a 550 euro ticket to The Festival Malta's main event. Or there is a way to go for maximum and try to win a package to Malta as one of our qualifiers Hans de Hond did it. And as one Estonian player noted, "Only a fool wouldn't try to win a ticket online for less money." So why not try your luck and join the excitement of The Festival Malta, which not only includes online poker but also blackjack and roulette tournaments.