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Battle of the Fishes Part II

Battle of the Fishes Part II

Tuesday, 21st of November; The day when the second edition of Battle of the Fishes 2023 will be held on all online partners of The Festival Series connected to the iPoker network. Once again there will be a package on the line worth €1,935! Not only does this tournament award a winner and depending on the eventual prize also cash prizes, the red line of this event is the battle between the biggest fishes from the universe Franke and Mau. It was the Head of Poker from Pokerlistings Mauritz Altikardes, who won the first last-longer side-bet between the two everlasting friends. The loser of that bet Martin ‘Franke’ von Zweigbergk, owner of The Festival Series; Now needs to make a journey from Vienna to Bratislava on his BIKE! What will be on the line during their second battle?

The second edition of the Battle of the Fishes will not only be available on PAF and Coolbet this time, it will be available for all online partners of The Festival Series which are connected to the iPoker family. This is wonderful news for our poker players as there is even more chance for everyone to qualify for The Festival Series and that for a relatively low amount. Sites such as Betsson, Nordicbet, Betsafe, Guts, Champion Poker, Novibet, Coolbet, PAF, and Betfred, will all be offering this tournament within their poker client.

Everyone who knows these two fanatic gentlemen is aware that they have been friends for a long time already and that they have been working alongside each other for a while as well. You can easily put them in the same ranks as Batman & Robin, Frodo & Samwise (Lord of the Rings), Sherlock Holmes & Dr. Watson, Jules Winnfield & Vincent Vega (Pulp Fiction), Captain Kirk & Mr Spock (Star Trek), Joey & Chandler (Friends), Mario & Luigi, John Lennon & Paul McCartney (The Beatles), and whenever you see them together at a live poker event they are splashing around and enjoying themselves just like a small fish entering the grand ocean.

Battle of the Fishes Part II

Date: November 21.

Time: 19:00 CET.

Buy-in: €20 with Unlimited Re-buys and w/addon. (Franke DeLuxe)

Prize Pool: 1x €1,935 Full The Festival Series Bratislava Package Guaranteed.

Operators: Betsson, Nordicbet, Betsafe, Guts, Champion Poker, Novibet, Coolbet, PAF, Betfred.

One thing they have in common is that they do not fear anyone or anything. They are determined to reach the goal they have set for themselves, and they will do anything to reach that goal. To put that to the test with a classic last-longer bet in a poker tournament is a guarantee for fireworks, which we have seen in the previous edition of the Battle of the Fishes. Last Tuesday, the two fine gentlemen went head-to-head and it was all streamed live on Twitch as well,  giving the audience some great entertainment from the first row.

Mauritz Altikardes, Head of Poker from PokerListings, came out on top as he finished third in the event and actually made a pretty decent buck out of it! Congratulations!

Where there is a winner, there is also a runner-up. In this case, it’s our own Martin ‘Franke’ von Zweigbergk owner of The Festival Series who became fifth and just came shy to the thrilling money spots. The sad part of it all is that Franke now needs to hop on a bike and complete an endless course of 80 Km from Vienna to Bratislava as a result of that loss.

We spoke with one of the contestants of this epic side-bet and here is what they had to say:

Franke: ''It was amazing to see Mau reaching his first ever final table. He busted me in fifth place, where he got himself a third place. So yes, he won fair and square. But he still never won a tournament hahaha! (Charity Events do not count!) - I'm in an extremely well condition mentally and physically like never before, so I am looking forward to the challenge riding a bike from Vienna to Banco Casino in Bratislava! Loving life is important and I really do hope for a rematch, Game on!''

  • ''It is interesting to see how many people supporting this fish with #Mau on social media, impressive! Curious what he has done to achieve that!''

Results Battle of The Fishes Part I - November 7th:

1clubfluffy967 The Festival Series Package € 1,935
2CrystalRiver ITM
3Mauritz 'MPGA' Altikardes ITM
5Martin 'FestivalOG' von Zweigbergk