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  • Black Friday Super Satellite – The Festival sends out League of Legends to Stream Live!

Black Friday Super Satellite – The Festival sends out League of Legends to Stream Live!

Black Friday Super Satellite – The Festival sends out League of Legends to Stream Live!

The Super Satellite as part of the Black Friday promotion featuring the Betsson Group brands such as Nordicbet, Guts, Betsafe, and Betsson itself, is going to be streamed live by four online crushing poker players. We managed to contract these amazing streaming personalities based on an exclusive bootcamp period of several weeks. Many poker players signed up for this amazing tournament and would like to stream it live on the internet, unfortunately we only had four spots available. After a bootcamp, audience voting round, specialized jury panel round, and a online poker competition, the four streamers who made the final shift are being introduced in this article. Jokes aside, all four of them are extremely nice personalities who are all a bunch of fishes.

  1. Mairo 'Estonian Weirdo' Toom

You might have seen this fella running around during The Festival Series live events, trying to make the perfect pictures from our event. Despite the fact of his amazing, out going, character, he is also trying to play some online poker on Twitch now and then. Today he will stream the Black Friday Super Satellite where 2x Full Packages are ADDED. So imagine, if you bink a package today you will also get some pictures of yourself in action in Bratislava!

If you would like to Watch Mairo Toom live in action, here is your chance. (Just let's hope he will keep his shirt on this time!!)

2. Jan-Erik Rønninghaug 

Jan-Erik Rønninghaug

We heard rumours during the Norwegian Championships and the Coolbet Open that Jan-Erik is perhaps one of the most promising Norwegian players out there. With some deep runs here and there he still needs to work a lot on his game though following Franke. ''He needs to visit The Festival Series more because the fishy side of the game he has to improve a lot''.

Not only is Jan-Erik an arm-wrestling champion, he is also streaming online poker on his own channel. But let's be honest here Jan-Erik; Strong hands in daily life, doesn't automatically mean you have all the strong hands in poker!

Want to scout a good Norwegian poker player? Here is your chance!

3. Joseph 'The Professor' Jackson

Sometimes you are wondering why certain poker players have that much of skill so that they win every single event around. Well, this is not exactly the case with Joseph here. Straight from the States, living in Estonia, this top guy has been around for a while at The Festival Series. He even is the chose one to stream on our official streaming channel of The Festival! (Franke, we need to review this)

Are we going to see poker history today wit Joseph going to bubble yet another package for The Festival Bratislava? If you are interested in watching how poker does not need to be played, make sure to check out our twitch channel from 20:00 CET onwards! (Take it lightly though! He has passed the test so it means he is one of the poker legends!)

4. Oskar 'Deckflow' Ojaveer

Oskar 'Deckflow' Ojaveer

Of course we save the best for last, meet Oskar Ojaveer! For years, he has his own streaming channel and is part of a group of poker stormers who player on the cardroom from the country of streamer nr 3. Oskar has had the luck to have won an actual event during The Festival Series when he was a guest at our Nottingham stop.

In Bratislava he will be present as well, if he manages to win a package today perhaps! Two packages added folks, reason enough for Oskar to shine on the white screen tonight!

You can watch him here if you want. But just to mention, prepare for some epic online poker action!