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  • Cashgame Challenge Winner – Daniel Hong

Cashgame Challenge Winner – Daniel Hong

Cashgame Challenge Winner – Daniel Hong

We introduce to you the most recent winner of the Cash Game Challenge, Daniel Hong. During our previous event at the Dusk Till Dawn pokerclub (DTD) in Nottingham, he won a staggering 1003 big blinds! The Festival is in full preparation for our next event in Malta at Portomaso Casino, May 15-21, and we spoke shortly with Daniel Hong, who secured a full package worth €1600 for that same event.

Melvin TF: First of all, thank you for being willing to do this interview with me in this way. And of course, congratulations on the package for our next event in Malta! As you already mentioned, you are super happy with it. Which counts for us as well, to have you around again on our next stop!

  • Daniel: I am extremely happy and joyful and I am really looking forward to the trip to Malta. The package I got includes a ticket to the main tournament, overnight stay, and hosting in the form of hospitality, and I can also bring a friend with me - what more could I want from life? But yes, since I didn't have the opportunity to take part in side activities in Nottingham, I want to enjoy them in Malta. Malta, here I come.
Daniel Hong - The Festival Nottingham 2023 - Cashgame Challange winner

Melvin TF: When you have to describe yourself as a poker player. What would that sound like?

  • Daniel: I just try to play the best poker I can and sometimes mix it up with more speculative hands and plays. I've played briefly online, but mostly just play live. Classifying whether someone is pro/semipro is hard since there are no qualifications. But I do like to think that I win at poker overall.

Melvin TF: You won the Cash Game Challenge in Nottingham. Can you tell us a bit about the big clash in the hand which got you into the lead at that point?

  • Daniel: For most of the session, the game was 2/5 with a 10 straddle, until the last orbit was announced and we agreed to do a round of 20 straddles.
  • About halfway through the orbit, with a double straddle up to €80, I was in the small blind with K K . My stack was fairly decent with €2100. It all got folded to me, and I raised to €300, BB calls, the one who straddled €40 has about 700 and went all-in, then the straddle €80 had me covered and was all-in as well.
  • I decided to call the all-in when I realized that a package was on the line for either me or the one who had me covered. Here is how all the action unfolded with four players who went all the way pre-flop:
Key hand of Cash Game Challenge Nottingham
  • We hold and I’m very thankful to be on the dream side of the cooler. I think the pocket 8 8 is good enough to stack off for about 20 big blinds, while the one with pocket 3 3 is probably fine to be all-in with when having 7 big blinds. The river gave a blank of course 😊
  • The K J is perhaps a bit dicier, but when looking at the added equity of a €1600 package, he only needed to win 1 out of 5 times to make the call. Which he eventually did.

Melvin TF: The Festival Series had its debut in the UK, at Dusk Till Dawn poker club in Nottingham. What do you think about the event and the atmosphere hanging around there?

Melvin TF: Did you play any mixed games during the event? We offer quite some mixed games during the event. what are your thoughts about it?

  • Daniel: Unfortunately I do not play any mixed games myself, but it’s a good thing they are there.
Who said that poker players won't use public transport? Our Nottingham event winner sometimes uses a tram to get to the games.

Melvin TF: Whenever you go decide to play live. If it’s just a daily local grind or a trip to some poker event. What is most important for you?

  • Daniel: Dusk Till Dawn poker club is about 30 mins away from me, so it’s not too far away. I made the trip especially for The Festival as I try to play in places with the best games. To top it off, it’s nice if the place has for example a nice atmosphere, good staff, and good food.  

We wish Daniel success in Malta, and if you're not familiar with the Cashgame Challenge yet, you can get a brief idea of it here.

Cashgame Challenge previous winners

Bratislava 2022

Manuel Fischer - The Festival Bratislava 2022 - Cashgame Challenge winner

During The Festival Bratislava 2022, which took place at the magical Banco Casino in Bratislava from October 10th to 16th, over 50 people participated in the cash game challenge table. The most successful of them was German professional player Manuel Fischer, who also won the 1.1K NLH Highroller tournament held during the same festival.

The Festival Malta 2023 - Now is your chance to give yourself or your loved one a gift.

The Malta Festival takes place from May 15-21 at Portomaso Casino and offers a diverse range of poker games for poker players who enjoy mixed games. The tournament schedule includes games such as Sviten Special and Open Face Chinese Poker, as well as entertainment through blackjack and roulette tournaments. In total, there are 50 tournaments on the schedule, open to both female and male players.

Speaking of female players, this Friday, Betfred, Coolbet, GUTS, and Paf are jointly organizing an online tournament where players have the chance to win a €1000 poker package for themselves or their partner with a €20 buy-in. You can find more information about this tournament HERE. Meanwhile, in the four aforementioned poker rooms, it is already possible to win a €1600 package today.