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  • Join the Festival Queens Online Poker Tournament: Play Like a Gentleman and Win a Special Package for Your Loved One!

Join the Festival Queens Online Poker Tournament: Play Like a Gentleman and Win a Special Package for Your Loved One!

Join the Festival Queens Online Poker Tournament: Play Like a Gentleman and Win a Special Package for Your Loved One!

In March, we celebrated Women's Day by awarding exclusive Malta packages to five female poker players. But why limit the celebration to just one month? In April, we're keeping the memory alive with another special tournament hosted by pafCoolbetGUTSBetfred on April 14 at 19:00 CET, join us for The Festival Queens tournament with a buy-in of 20 euros. The Festival Queens tournament has a 3x€1000 package guaranteed prize pool. Each package includes a four-night accommodation at one of the exclusive hotels in Malta, two tickets to The Festival Queens (event 36, starting on 19.05 at 16:00) tournament both worth €125 and an invitation to a special male-free evening. This last invitation is for two people. We've also taken feedback from female players and made changes to the tournament structure compared to the previous International Womens Day Special tournament to ensure an even better experience.

Name: The Festival Queens - Men can play in the online tournament, if they win they need to gift a win to someone special (but can be a roommate)

Online partners: pafCoolbetGUTSBetfred

Starting time: 14.04.2023, 19:00 CET, late reg. 90 minutes, rebuys 90 minutes

Starting stack: 15,000 in chips

Buy-in: 20 euros, unlimited rebuys (20,000 in chips)+ add-on (40,000 in chips)

Prize pool: 3x1000€ package GTD

The Special International Women's Day 1000€ package includes:

NB! Anyone can play The Festival Queens Online Qualifier Tournament, but the package can only be used by a woman = if a man plays and wins he needs to gift it to a female friend (but can of course be the roommate).

The Festival Series: Frank does his part, but women always do a little bit more.

Dear Female Poker Players! Although our main focus here is to provide joy and amusement to you, then let us pause for a moment and express our heartfelt gratitude to all the women who have been or are currently behind the scenes of The Festival Series, and without whom The Festival Series would not exist. Society may sometimes seem male-centric nowadays, but as life has shown, men may be able to move mountains, but men's strength and wisdom are given to them by women. Our strength and wisdom come from the following women:

Linda Jansson - Customer Relationship Manager, Club Paf

The Festival Series has so far hosted three cities four times in less than two years, and next month we will conquer Malta for the first time. All this time, a bright, energetic, and always cheerful woman has accompanied us. Her name is Linda from Paf. Unfortunately, due to her work commitments, Linda can never play poker herself, but nevertheless, we would like to highlight here her contribution in terms of communication and hosting with the players. Thank you Linda for being with us and for walking the same path and always putting the needs of the players above our own. This is exactly what very good customer service should look like. Here we bring you an interview we recorded last year in Bratislava with a brilliant woman.

Anastasia Bukstynovic - The Festival Team Hospitality Manager

In addition to Linda, we would also like to highlight here another female team member of The Festival Series, without whose presence we would probably not be able to imagine Hospitality events - Anastasia.

  • Let's do it now,
  • We need to run, Otherwise, we are getting late.
  • Excuse me, but are there other bowling balls in here - the existing ones would need to be replaced because our players can't hit the bats with them.
  • More carefully, please. We don't want anyone accidentally hurting themselves with axe throwing.
  • Dear guys. I'm going to the hotel now and getting ready for the evening party. This part we men never fully understand. To us, dear women, you are always beautiful

These are just a few moments that our team remembers from Nottingham. Thank you Anastasia for being with us and honoring us and all the hospitality package winners with your presence in Malta. We believe that we will do great things together.

Zuz Mik - The Bratislava Poker Queen

We can honestly admit here that without this girl - we wouldn't be talking about the success of the events in Bratislava and the biggest one-time payout for first place in Slovakia's poker history if Zuz hadn't organized these things in Bratislava the way she did. To this day we are amazed and ask each other - did she sleep at all or was she in the poker room 24/7 doing tournament management stuff? And the answer is NO - She is Superhuman.

Teresa Nousiainen - Nordic Poker Queen

It is with the utmost honor that we acknowledge the extraordinary accomplishments of Teresa, who has truly made her mark in the world of poker. From the start of her poker career at the Helsinki casino to being the esteemed Tournament Director for EPT events must come unwavering work ethic and determination. It is truly awe-inspiring. Moreover, her invaluable contribution to establishing Tallinn as one of the most sought-after destinations for poker festivals among Scandinavian players is commendable. The Festival extends its deepest gratitude to Teresa for her tireless efforts and unparalleled support in making The Festival Tallinn tournament a resounding success.

Erica Spiteri- Head of The Design

Meet the epitome of a "Self-Made Woman" hailing from the stunning island of Gozo in Malta. Despite facing the challenge of a daily commute of 1-2 hours (one way), and braving rough seas to reach schools or work on mainland Malta, she has proven to be an exceptional friend and an esteemed designer. Her creative genius shines through in her remarkable contributions, including designing the logo and crafting the entire brand book for The Festival Series. Her unwavering dedication and talent are truly commendable, and she is a true inspiration to all of us.

Tink Bella - Super Healer

Oh-hooo, those hands! It's unlikely that there are some poker players in the world who haven't seen Tink during major festivals. Starting from the very first Bratislava stop in 2021, Tink, along with her lovely colleagues, has been with us the whole time. We hope to see Tink at our future festivals, either smiling herself or bringing smiles to others through her healing hands. We extend our deepest gratitude to Tink, honoring her invaluable presence and contribution to our events.

Laura Cornelius - Queens Heroine

Laura has been a part of 24h Production team at quite a few events already in her role as presenter and primus motor for the well-being and happiness for players of all genders alike. For The Festival she has helped from day 1 with great ideas and feedback on how things should run and now with the coming Malta stop also taking an active part in growing the female community in poker.

Female Casino Workers: Floors, Dealers, Casino Staff etc.

We would also like to thank all female casino employees who have made our fieldwork easier and who created feelings in us that are difficult to put into words.

Here is a selection of a few of you, and we apologize that we cannot thank you all individually here.

One More Thank You to Special Ladies

We would also like to thank all those women who have helped organize our live events as team members in the past, but who are not directly involved in the organizational side today. Thank You: Christel, Patrisha, Aliis, Eva and Dana!

Power Girls

We would also like to express our gratitude to all those who have contributed to our endeavors, both in terms of administrative support and on-the-ground decision-making. Getting inspiration from Franke´´s words then you girls are rockstars, and if Freddy Mercury was still alive, he would sing to you - "You are the Champions of the world". Thank you - Claire, Tricia, Karen.

The Really Special Ones

Intelligent individuals acknowledge that the world greatly benefits from the presence of strong women. Without the strength, wisdom, and resilience of women, men may lack the necessary insights and perspectives to navigate life effectively. Take, for instance, the two individuals who conceived the idea of The Festival Series. Using a playful and humorous tone, let's refer to the two individuals as "idiots" collectively in order to convey our point more effectively.

Let's imagine now a situation where these two "idiots" would be on their own without the support of strong women at home, trying to develop something on their own. What would be happened? We are more than 110% sure that it would likely end up in a deadlock, a dead end, or even a cliff. But with a strong partner by their side, these men can address their flaws and even transform them into successes. That way Franke and Mau are indeed fortunate to have such powerful women in their lives. Ingrid & Helena - We love both of You and even if your men will still be sometimes idiots, then at least they are handsome idiots.

These were our special girls to whom we wanted to give special thanks. We hope that you, the male poker player who read all this, will also be able to behave like a gentleman when playing the tournament next Friday, and if you still have no idea who could be a special person for you, you have exactly one week to figure it out. See ya at the table!