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Meet The Festival Fictional Character Team

Meet The Festival Fictional Character Team

Have you noticed that recently, on our website, there have been comments from mysterious unknown individuals on the news section. They are examples of the recent editing from the past weeks. Who are these guys? Some are quite scary and immediately ironic. While others are quite polite. These are fictional characters on our website, whose everyday activity is to bring a smile to the face of poker players. Both in situations where the player has to leave the table although everything was done right and also in situations where everything was done wrong, but look and see - the ace came in the river and I got a double up. We ask all players to approach these characters with more humor and try to endure their company. We know from our own experience that this simple task is not easy.

Look and get to know these unique beings and then think for yourself whether it is easy or not to work with those characters.

The Story Teller

The Story Teller is a fictional character who enjoys nature and listening to bird songs in his free time. He can recognize the calls of a cuckoo, dove, or a croaking raven. He even knows the sound of a seagull from far away. Did you know, for example, that when a seagull lands on land from the sea, its hobby is to sit on rocks?

Brenda - Advocate

Advocate is a fictional character created by The Festival Team to warn players of any potential dangers associated with gambling on the website. Additionally, the advocate ensures that all of our players are polite and friendly during tournaments and show respect to themselves, their opponents, and all tournament organizers. Advocate's biggest weakness is seeing a sad dealer who cries in the break room, hiding their eyes, after hearing from a player that they can't calculate the pot in an Omaha game. The dealer can do it, the advocate already knows this. Believe in the Advocate, for God's sake.

Mike, an amateurish and struggling player

Mike is an amateur and struggling professional poker player who no longer plays poker as a profession, but has found a new hobby: playing poker as an amateur. He often wins and never loses, and he likes to make jokes a lot. However, he often does not understand why people do not understand his jokes. In his opinion, he makes them very well, even if they are sometimes a bit ironic and derogatory towards others. But that is just Mike's nature, so don't take to heart what Mike says. Like our Advocate says: Mike is just Mike

LF aka "Legendary Footballer" & NSLF aka "Not So Legendary Footballer"

LF and NSLF are former twin football players, the older brother LF broke all the records of goals in the world football fields, while his younger brother NSLF could only see football games through television. This probably explains the completely different personalities of the two brothers. One is caring, practical, sports-savvy, and sometimes tells stories like a storyteller. The other is self-centered, and as an advocate says - NSLF is sometimes more ironic than Mike. How can anyone be more ironic than Mike, but you can.

Despite everything, the brothers have remained loyal to each other and, although in the past they were not able to play together on the same team, today we have allowed them to play together on our website. So let's enjoy them playing together. Without a ball. Advocate: did this last joke come from you, Mike or is there anyone in our The Festival Team who also has a tendency to be ironic? Ahh?


In the eyes of our characters, Franke is the only one who has been inspired by the actions of a real-life character. Franke is very similar to the character of Mr. X, the founder of The Festival Series, but there is an important aspect that differentiates him from the real Franke. Specifically, he does not actually exist. He cannot be touched, although sometimes you might want to touch him and say exactly as Shaggy said in his song: "It wasn't me!" However, like any fictional character, Franke also has his own good qualities and even better ones. Or how would you better explain the fact that the Advocate affectionately calls him a perfect person.

IT Nerd

IT nerd is a fictional character who takes care of making sure that any designs created by Midjourney AI can be uploaded to the website. Together with the Advocate, they ensure that everything is correctly mentioned in writing. The IT nerd is not a very talkative person, so we don't know much about him other than that he is one of those types who comes to work when others are leaving, and then when others are sleeping, he sends you an email asking why your computer compressor is making a strange noise. Mike: "He once asked me if I had hit my computer with an axe? Do I look like a Neanderthal or something?"

How did they seem? The Advocate seemed the most level-headed of them all? And that's true! At the same time, the Advocate asked to say that if you have time, please also review all of our recent posts. Online qualifiers can find answers to their questions, as well as help find answers to questions on Cashgame Challenge, Player of The Festival, and Franke's Flip Flop topics. However, the topic for which we currently do not have updated answers is Blackjack and Roulette questions. We did have them, but then the twin brothers "Legendary Footballer" and "Not So Legendary Footballer" were unable to find a solution on their own whether to make 15 spins in Blackjack or 18 hands in Roulette or vice versa, so herefore, now the "Advocate" must review things from a legal perspective to ensure that all rules are clearly understood by everyone. But, if you believe the Advocate, "it's coming soon."

The image of this article was created by Midjourney AI. The Festival Series does not use this image for financial gain, and we do not have any copyright ownership of this image. All rights are protected by Midjourney. If you would like to get more information about this image, please contact Midjourney.