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Meet Optibet Ambassador Matīss Celmiņš

Meet Optibet Ambassador Matīss Celmiņš

Get ready for the epic poker experience of the year! The Festival Series Bratislava 2023 is about to kick off on November 26th, drawing in poker enthusiasts from around the globe. Among the stars set to shine is Matīss Celmiņš, an online streamer from Optibet, hailing from the poker-loving nation of Latvia. The anticipation is building, and we can't wait to welcome you all to the loving capital of Slovakia. The preparations are in full progress and all involved partners have geared up to make this perhaps the biggest festival in history! You still have the opportunity to get yourself qualified through Optibet as satellites are still running!

Matīss isn't a stranger to The Festival Series experience and neither for Malta where he has visited the poker games approximately for fifteen times before. Having attended the previous event in Malta, he was instantly captivated by the ambiance and the allure of live poker to its finest. So if you are looking for some extra information or tips in that regard, catch up with this great personality from Latvia! For his next trip he's gearing up for the next stop on his poker journey – Bratislava. As he brings his skills to the tables, be prepared to witness poker prowess in action as Matīss is not just some regular poker player!

From Numbers to Cards

Going back in time, Matīss had once a teacher at university who was looking for two to three guys to give poker as mathematical and statistical perspective point of view. An this is right in Matīss his ballpark, playing around with mathematics. After having done that for a while he put his effort and time in online poker and never looked back. Even to a point that he was dedicated and certain enough that he could help the poker community with his knowledge of this skill game. It is so great to see a person like him enjoying what he loves doing, and gets that satisfaction out of life where he tries to help other players to grown to their own potential and to let them see the game from just a different angle.

Coaching with Heart

The drive and dedication to help out other people in poker was leading for Matīss to become a poker coach, and by now he has around 100 students from all across the world. Of course, in this industry you have dozens of coaching platforms, individual poker coaches, staking stables who provide coaching as well, but to have quality coaching cannot be found everywhere. As Matīss explained, he is really trying to let his students understand the situations they are analysing. As nobody knows every single spot by heart. By many years of experience he believes that repetitiveness is key to success, and if he can help out players to just have that bit more of Return On Investment by improving their gameplay, he is a satisfied man.

Optibet Partnership

Optibet has been partnered up with The Festival Series from the get-go, and Matīss and around 5-6 other Latvians came to visit the previous event in Malta, including Gatiss Reigass. That’s where he had spoken with Optibet and got offered a spot in the online streaming team, which he now happily enjoys doing since about four months. It had gone through his mind before, but he wasn’t certain enough if he would be entertaining, interesting enough to run a stream. But it turned around when he saw the benefits of it, even to his own gameplay. The stream is mostly done in his native Latvian language, but whenever the need is there to switch to English, he happily adapts to it.

Live Poker Adventures

Every since the EPT Barcelona, Matīss put more energy in competing in live poker events. Events which he loves to visit and where he sees potential in making progress in live poker. The majestic part of poker for him is that you have so many different nationalities competing at the tables and every nationality has its specific behaviour at the tables. To try and adjust to that approach of poker is something which interests him and it’s exactly why he loves live poker that much. On the other side of that, the perspective of poker being a gambling game is something which he dislikes the most. He has no affection with any kind of casino game such as Blackjack, Roulette, or Slot machines, and that poker has to be played in the same environment is not the ideal space for him.

Travelling and Hospitality Events

Poker isn't just about the cards; it's about the experience. The Festival Series offers more than intense competitions. With numerous side events and the chance to explore new cities, Matīss encourages every poker player to experience and cherish the moments outside the poker tables in terms of hospitality events. It's not just all about the game; the journey is as much of importance.

Bring your Poker Game to Another Level

Are you looking to improve your poker game guided by an experienced coach? Make sure to check out what Matīss Celmiņš has to offer. You can reach him through social media or through his very own website.