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Meet paf Online Qualifier: Toivo Ojasoo

Meet paf Online Qualifier: Toivo Ojasoo

The Festival Malta is only 19 days away and the final opportunities to qualify through online satellites are currently ongoing. One such player who has visited all of our events as an online qualifier is Toivo Ojasoo from Estonia. He is a player who enjoys poker primarily as a social pastime and who has found good friends in both the players and organizers of poker events. We took a moment to have a cup of tea with Toivo and chat for a bit.

The Festival Media Team: Hello Toivo. You are a well-known player in the Estonian poker scene who plays online poker in the evenings and occasionally visits live tournaments. Could you tell us a bit about yourself for those who may not be familiar with your activities?

Toivo: Yes, it's true that I often find myself spending time at the poker table. I come from a small Estonian village called Puhja, where my friends and I have kept the local poker community going for about 10 years. Recently, everyone has been quite busy, so our meetings have become less frequent, which is why I've had to dive more into online play to satisfy my needs. I mainly play on paf, from where I won a package to go to Malta and also visited The Festival in Nottingham.

The Festival Media Team: So we can consider you an old hand due to your experience in winning online packages and attending The Festivals. What do you particularly like about our events?

Toivo: As a player who values smooth organization, I appreciate the personal approach at The Festivals as well. In this regard, I would like to highlight paf representative Linda, who, in addition to the TF team's hospitality events, has also offered additional activities. Whether it's been doing sports or visiting a restaurant together, my wife and I have always enjoyed it. Actually, my wife also won a package to Malta through Queens Special satellite.

The Festival Media Team: What are your expectations for playing in Malta? Are you satisfied with just participating or are you aiming for higher positions?

Toivo: As for The Festival tournaments, I have to mention that I made it to the final table in Tallinn, so I still have a lot to prove to myself. Of course, I take the tournament day by day, so my first goal is to make it to Day 2 of the main event, then reach the final table, and ultimately, I would like to win. But as in poker, everything doesn't always depend on your desires. You have to know when to fold and at the end, the card run needs to support your game.

The Festival Media Team: We are aware that in addition to The Festival, you have also participated in many other events organized by Paf. Can you tell us a bit about those experiences?

Toivo: That's true. Paf has been organizing two events for several years now, and I always participate in them. One is Paf Marine Cup which is primarily organized for the Estonian poker community and involves over 100 people playing poker on a Tallinn-Stockholm-Tallinn cruise for two days. Paf has also been organizing a Destination Poker in Åland, which always falls on my birthday. Unfortunately, they moved the date of this year's event a bit earlier, so if I could ask Paf for a birthday wish, I would ask them to move it back. By the way, a noteworthy fact about the Destination Poker event is that you can qualify there only through online satellites. Therefore, it is not wrong to say that I play online satellites for the reason of being away from home on my birthday.

I would also like to say hello to all my poker friends and say something nice to all of them in Estonian - "ära ole loll ja võida pääse Maltale onlinest nagu mina!

Toivo Ojasoo
Toivo Ojasoo

Toivo Ojasoo The Festival Series Poker Cashes:

The Festival Tallinn 2022 Main Event8th€6,700
The Festival Nottingham 2023 £230 Pot Limit Omaha Freezeout4th£ 600

The Festival Series Media team has conveyed this request to Paf as our valued partner, and we wish Toivo strength and success in winning packages for The Festival Series events in the future. The next event where Toivo plans to qualify will take place at Banco Casino in Bratislava from November 26th to December 2nd. However, for those who do not yet have such far-reaching travel plans, it is still possible to qualify for Malta. Even today, there is €50 satellite in Toivo's favorite online room, starting at 19:30 CET.