The Player of Festival – Winner Receive €1600 Package

The Player of Festival – Winner Receive €1600 Package

Are you ready to become the next Player of The Festival? Our upcoming event in Nottingham at Dusk Till Dawn(Feb 12-19 ) is your chance to claim the coveted title and a prize package that's worth its weight in gold.

Not only will you be honored with the title, but you'll also be the proud recipient of a full package worth €1,600 for the next stop of The Festival Malta 2023.

The winner of the Player of The Festival Nottingham 2023 award:

  • a full package worth €1,600 for the next stop of The Festival Malta 2023
  • a seat at the table of the next Charity Event, worth €1,000

So, what are you waiting for? Get ready to show off your skills in Nottingham and bring home the Player of The Festival Prize. See you at the tables!

Previous Winners:

2022 Bratislava - Thomas "Totti" Lind 137 points

How I can win that title?

We've got a system in place that rewards the players for their performance, no matter where they finish! That's right, even if you don't make the money, you'll still earn some sweet participation points just for showing up and playing. What is even best of it - you can earn points by playing Blackjack or Roulette tournaments. The truth is that for the overall win, there are no unnecessary needs to win all of those tournaments but let's be real, the higher you finish, the more points you'll earn. The player who accumulates the most points throughout the festival week will be awarded with the Player of Festival title.

Our points system takes into account the buy-in, the number of participants, and your final position in the event. We like to think of it as a triple threat of points-earning potential. And if that wasn't enough, every player will receive a set amount of base points just for entering the event. We like to call it the "participation trophy" of the poker world.

But don't take our word for it, check out the link below for the exact calculation and see for yourself just how easy/hard it is to earn those ranking points.

Franke´s recommendation: " Although it's likely common knowledge that I am the best player at the festival anyway, I've decided to give someone else a chance to take the top spot. My good friend "Totti Lind" won the Player of Festival title in Bratislava. Whoever wants to beat him this time needs to start accumulating points from the very beginning, starting with the Pokerlistings Championship on Sunday. I am there. "