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  • Tournament Spotlight – Pokerlistings Championship at Dusk Till Dawn in Nottingham

Tournament Spotlight – Pokerlistings Championship at Dusk Till Dawn in Nottingham

Tournament Spotlight – Pokerlistings Championship at Dusk Till Dawn in Nottingham

Since the birth of The Festival Series in September 2021, the events hosts a large selection of tournaments such as Roulette-, Blackjack-, Sportsbook- and poker in several formats. If you break them down in subsections you have events that can be divided in groups based on buy in level or variant of game like Open Face Chinese poker or H.O.R.S.E etcetera. Majority of players that attend The Festival are mixed game lovers and quite a few of us prefer cash games only, not even attending the actual tourney’s available. For Texas lovers, then of course the Main Event is an easy pick but not to forget there are a lot of NL TX tournaments available too, like Pokerlistings Championship.

JJ Hazan

Already in September 2021 at Casino Banco in Bratislava our Pokerlistings Championship was a player favourite with it’s balance in chipstack, tournament levels and clock (194 entries, and after a deal the winner - Jeraint JJ Hazan walked off with €7375). In Tallinn June 2022 at Olympic Casino the event grew even more with a total of 252 entries and again we had a deal where eventual winner Kalle Ly won exactly same amount as runner up Antony Jay Kauzloric, they each won a decent €10736. A few month later at the series 2nd visit to Slovakia, in October 2022, the winner Manuel Blaschke walked home with a €7335 for 1st place finish. Rest assured, the amount of entries in Nottingham, UK will surpass all earlier events.

For the Dusk Till Dawn stop 13-19th of January, a player favourite Simon Trumper presented a novel idea: “Let’s kick off the tournament week 1 day earlier, let’s host Pokerlistings Championship Day 1A on Sunday the 12th of February, this way we can host three (3) day 1’s and have a final day on Wednesday the 15th…”.

The whole crew at The Festival liked the idea, and when it was presented to Mauritz Altikardes, Head of Poker at Acroud and Pokerlistings.com, he replied with a classic General Mau answer: “This idea is so good I would have thought I came up with it!”. So yes, with Day 1A, 1B, and 1C of a side event kicking off an epic week of games and fun we truly believe the amount of entries will supersede earlier versions of Pokerlistings Championships.

10 Packages Guaranteed

Are you interested in getting your hand on a tournament ticket for day 1C of this Texas No Limit tournament as well as three nights hotel for 2 persons check in Monday the 13th and check out Thursday the 16th of February then both Party Poker and GG hosts PokerListings unique qualifiers with packages worth £510 guaranteed up until the start of the The Festival in Nottingham.

11.01.2023PokerListings Unique QualifierGGPoker
12.01.2023PokerListings Unique QualifierParty Poker
18.01.2023PokerListings Unique QualifierGGPoker
19.01.2023PokerListings Unique QualifierParty Poker
25.01.2023PokerListings Unique QualifierGGPoker
26.01.2023PokerListings Unique QualifierParty Poker
01.02.2023PokerListings Unique QualifierGGPoker
02.02.2023PokerListings Unique QualifierParty Poker
08.02.2023PokerListings Unique QualifierGGPoker
09.02.2023PokerListings Unique QualifierParty Poker

PokerListings Unique Package includes:

  • Hotel 3 nights in Nottingham for 2 persons (check-in: 13.02.2023, check-out: 16.02.203)
  • All breakfasts included
  • a buy-in to day 1C of the PokerListings Championship in Nottingham, England, UK.

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Make sure that you have seen the full schedule of The Festival in Nottingham.