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  • The Festival Malta Tournament Spotlight: “Seniors 49+ Tournament”

The Festival Malta Tournament Spotlight: “Seniors 49+ Tournament”

The Festival Malta Tournament Spotlight: “Seniors 49+ Tournament”

Have you ever wondered how great ideas are born? Someone says something, then someone visualizes it, and sometimes a third person writes this on paper. But it can all happen with one man's head as well. So Franke had an idea and now we need to find a paper. And which paper works better than a "schedule" paper. So we find this paper, and we re-written this schedule paper together with Portomaso Casino and Ludos Academy, and now we are making something that might go to poker history.

As you know, several poker festivals have added "senior" tournaments to their festival schedule, where the age limit for registering for the tournament is set at 50 years of age. We haven´t done that for reason. However, we have one member in the team whose age does not reach this number, but who would very much like to organize one "special" tournament, especially for his own age or older. So the only possible to create a special event with required standards is to lower the SENIOR TOURNAMENT age limit. Yes, you read it right. We have a SENIOR EVENT in the schedule now, but as always - it's with some twist. You must be 49+ years old to get on board!

Tournament name: Event #50 Seniors 49+

Date: 21.05.2023 12:00 CEST

Rules: Tournament only for players who are 49 years or older

Buy-in: € 225 + € 25

Late reg: 4 levels/levels 25 min

Starting stack: 25,000

You can download the full The Festival Malta schedule form here.

For our The Festival Series Media Team part, we also caught up with some players who we know can participate in this tournament and got some comments from them about the Senior's poker event with a twist.

Sturla Hiller, : Happy Viking

Sturla: "Finally, I can play a tournament where there are no young players wearing a hoodie and who can't even name the guitarist of Queen. It was Elton John or ... actually, who was it? My memory is not the same anymore as it was before."

Jeraint "LuckyJJ" Hazan, : An accomplished senior athlete

JJ: "I need to remind Mr.Franke that age is just permanent, but skills stay even if you turn 50. Let me introduce to you myself. A former Irish Open Seniors event winner back in 2019 and a Golden Nugget Seniors winner in Vegas in 2017 with 750 runners. So if you might think that things are now going easy for you, think again! We, true Seniors, are ready for rookies like you!"

Antoine Degiorgio, : If you come to my house, you playing with my rules!

Antoine: "Brilliant. I am turning 50 at the end of May so I can play for the trophy. Watch out, Franke, because we might be juniors for seniors, but the game is on my home-soil. So I have some special surprises for you. You 3-bet, I 4-bet, You move all-in and I call with nuts! That usually happens with all of my Scandinavian friends so nothing personal. That´s just the rule if you come to my house!"

Madis Ormisson, : The man who won tournaments a "hundred" years ago

Madis: A great idea, which once again reminded me of the fact that I am remembered as the oldest "online" poker player in Estonia. Once upon a time, I managed to win the forerunner of the online Sunday Million tournament and a younger generation still sometimes asked about it. I just realized that I don't even remember the name of this tournament anymore so I must be a dinosaur. I better go sleep again, but please wake me up when Final Table starts. I don't want to miss again how I ended up as a winner of the tournament.

Peter La Terra, : A man who always speaks the truth


  • Why did the old poker player wear an eye patch? A: So he couldn't see his opponent's poker face.
  • How does an elderly poker player celebrate a big win? A: With a round of prune juice shots.
  • What do you call an elderly poker player who always bluffs? A: Franke!

We welcome everyone to join our The Festival Series Seniors Club but as you might have noticed then you didn't see any of our lovely female players on the senior's list. Of course, this is for one reason - we honestly don't know how young one or another female poker player is, and as true Gentlemen, we do not ask female players for their age. But our dear cashiers do when you want to sign up for the Senior's tournament.

But what we know for sure is the fact that starting today at 20:00, a Franke 50 Springs The Festival Malta satellite will be held simultaneously in the paf, Coolbet, GUTS, Betfred poker rooms, with a guaranteed 3 x 2000 euro package. And if the package happens to be won by a player whose age also allows him to participate in the "49+ Seniors' tournament", then this player will also receive a "49+ Senior´s" event ticket as an additional gift from us.