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  • Franke 50 Springs: Comprehensive Answers to Simple Questions

Franke 50 Springs: Comprehensive Answers to Simple Questions

Franke 50 Springs: Comprehensive Answers to Simple Questions

The Festival Malta Special Satellite tournament will take place in two days and we have received feedback from our online potential winners regarding the name. Franke 50 Springs? What does it mean? Does this mean it's Franke's birthday? When does he have his real birthday? Spring- Franke's favorite season? Why is the buy-in so low? Franke loves Highrollers after all!

We took it up and asked ourselves why things are the way they are or the other way around! And who better to answer these questions than Franke himself?

The Festival: Franke! We have received a lot of letters and questions that need answers. Would you please be so kind to explain to us why the tournament has such a name?

  • Franke: Look, I'm currently in Dubai. Played ice-hockey here with The Vikings, but for me, it's a question of living and living without limits to do the things that need to be done. It's the same with this tournament. As my birthday is in February and I won't turn 50 until next year, I wanted to do my "birthday" online tournament already this spring, and thanks to our dear partners now it´s happening. Needless to say, that this is just a warm-up for what will happen in Malta. So take this tournament as my early gift to you dear players.

The Festival: It's a gift, but the players complain that 20 euros bring many weak players to the tables and the overall field of the tournament suffers.

  • Franke: Look, Dear Players! Buying into a tournament never guarantees that there will be no "bad players" in the tournament. Look at me! I am equally a welcome guest on both Freeroll and Highroller. This is for a simple reason - I AM the biggest fish! Therefore, never judge players based on the buy-in levels. You better check the player's previous results from The Hendon Mob and calculate players ROI from there, and then you might have other thoughts about it! Maybe some players play at "lower" limits for a reason and don't set themselves very high goals. People are different, and so are their goals.

The Festival: And your goal is to get one more tournament win through Franke 50 Springs?

  • Franke: I'd be a mad fool if I didn't consider myself the best player in this tournament. And what the best players usually do - win. So I'm going to win too.

The Festival: Last question. Now back to Dubai and hockey! So is it true that you didn't score any goals or give any assists in this tournament?

  • Franke: What is this? Who is speaking this? I was the MVP of the tournament! If I were younger, I would already be on my way to the big ocean, where probably all 16 hockey teams who are competing for the Stanley Cup playoffs would want to see me in their lineup and ….

All right, at this point we interrupted Franke because it turns out that sometimes this man's thoughts are three steps ahead of his actions. What is not three steps, but two days away is the Franke 50 Springs special tournament. As mentioned previously you can play this tournament for 20 euros and make as many re-entries as you want during the first 90 minutes. The tournament has a guaranteed prize pool of 3x €2000 packages and everyone who owns PafCoolbetGUTS, and Betfred poker alias and makes a deposit for the tournament can play in the tournament. At the same time, we remind everyone here that it is allowed to enter the tournament only through one partner room, and anyone who violates this rule will be banned from the tournament and who knows what comes more.

A small punishment also awaits to those who have not yet looked at Festival Malta's schedule or booked a hotel!

Name: The Festival Franke 50 Spring

Online partners: pafCoolbetGUTSBetfred

Starting time: 21.04.2023, 19:00 CET, late reg. 90 minutes

Buy-in: 20 euros, unlimited rebuys + add-on

Prize pool: 3x2000€ Franke 50 Spring package GTD

Special Franke 50 Spring 2000€ package includes: