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  • The Festival Photo Competition Win goes to Finland

The Festival Photo Competition Win goes to Finland

The Festival Photo Competition Win goes to Finland

The Festival Series has always made an effort to stay connected with its players beyond the poker tables. Whether it's our daily hospitality events during the festivals, where we've tried axe-throwing or explored various culinary delights in Bratislava, or simply maintaining our social media presence to engage with our players. In order to offer our players some mental exercise, we asked them to come up with creative ideas during the summer on how to make The Festival's logo or brand more visible. We organized the entire summer-long The Festival Photo Competition, where we asked players to share their creative photos with us through our social media using the hashtag #thefestivalphotocompetition. Today, we are pleased and honored to share the results.

But before we announce the winner, we want to express our gratitude to all the active poker players who took the time to participate and share their summer with us. Here, we present a small photo collage of these outstanding individuals who were highlighted by our jury.

You can check more pictures from Instagram or Facebook

The Photo Competition Winner is ...

The Festival Photo Competition Winning Picture

The winner of The Festival Photo Competition was determined through a tense voting process, and it turned out to be a contestant from Finland. In the final round of voting, the jury was deadlocked at 2-2. To break the tie, we sought the assistance of a fifth member who had not seen any of the pictures before and had no prior knowledge of the voting. However, this impartial member provided a decisive vote and commented on the winning picture as follows: "Since this is a poker event, my vote goes to this picture (the winner) purely because it creatively incorporates elements related to card games."

We also reached out to the winner by phone, and here's his brief comment on the victory:

Aki Nevalainen - The Festival Photo Competiton Winner

The Festival Team: "Congratulations, Aki! You are the winner of The Festival Photo Competition, and you'll be traveling to Bratislava on our dime for a week of relaxation and poker playing."

Aki Nevalainen, Photo Competition Winner: "Oh, thank you! I'm thrilled to be going to Bratislava. I've previously won a package through Paf's online room to your Nottingham event, but I haven't had the time and opportunity to go to play more poker lately. When I saw your call to participate in the photo contest on your Facebook page, my initial thought was to go to the beach and create some sand art for a picture. However, when I got to the beach, it was too crowded to have a private space to do my thing, so I decided to skip that idea. On the way home, I saw the house in the winning picture, and like a bolt from the blue, an idea for a shot struck me. However, I never could have imagined that my picture would be the winner. I kept an eye on the other participants, and there were some really cool photo solutions, in my opinion, that also deserved to win. But I'm glad I won, and I plan to rock it in Bratislava."

Congratulations to Aki, and we look forward to seeing him enjoy his time in Bratislava!

Franke 50 Summer - Special Online Tournament

Thank you all once again for participating, and we look forward to future exciting projects! One exciting project where everyone can get involved is happening tomorrow at 19:00 CET. In the "Franke 50 Summers Special" online satellite tournament with a 20 euro buy-in, we have guaranteed 3x 2000 euro packages. As a lesser-known Estonian poker player might say on such occasions – it would be a sin not to play and let others win. Additionally, you can support our streamers directly through The Festival's Twitch channel. Please note that there is a slight delay in the stream to ensure fair play.