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  • The Festival Series extended the partnership with The Hendon Mob

The Festival Series extended the partnership with The Hendon Mob

The Festival Series extended the partnership with The Hendon Mob

In just over a month, a lot of poker players will probably find their way to The Festival Series in Nottingham. For many, it may not be the first time to visit our varied and uplifting festivals, but for others, it might be. So where to find the previous time's results if I haven´t participated before but still would like to know who is the defending champion or who has won the most tournaments during The Festival? We have one and only answer for you - The Hendon Mob.

The Hendon Mob Championship - Two-Day epicness

We are extremely pleased to share the news with you that from now on, you will not only find the results of tournaments on Hendon Mob, but you can actually even play on the spot in a tournament which is named after The Hendon Mob. The Hendon Mob Championship will be included in each of our festival stops in 2023. With a stop in Nottingham, the tournament will take place on February 18, starting at 1:00 p.m. The tournament which has two opening days and the decisive final day on Sunday, February 19, has a buy-in of £120. For an affordable buy-in for the average hobby player, you get a starting stack of 100 000 in chips, and the long 25-minute game levels should also give an opportunity to all those who like a slower game and don´t want to "risk your life" in every hand.

If you are looking an extra value, then all players cashing the Nottingham THMC event will be awarded the custom THMC flag, only achievable in Hendon Mob Championship events and awarded on players profiles along side the event’s country flag.

GPI/THM Global Poker Index (GPI) is live tournament poker’s ranking authority – classifying more than 750,000 active players from over 100 countries across almost 30,000 festivals. GPI’s Hendon Mob Poker Database (THM) has archived over 514,000 live poker tournaments and 4 million individual results and is continually updated via real-time data collection from over 2,200 partner venues. Global Poker Index and The Hendon Mob are trading names of Mediarex Group, a global sports and entertainment organization, founded in Malta in 2012.

The Hendon Mob Championship GIVEAWAY

Do you also want to take part in the event in Nottingham? Here is a good way for you to do it in such a way that you don't have to spend too much yourself. Starting next week, we will draw one lucky person every week to participate in The Hendon Mob Championship for free. The draw will take place on The Hendon Mob Twitter feed, so make sure you follow them to get entered in time.

Also if you are looking for the entire tournament schedule of The Festival in Nottingham, you will find it here.

Read more about the charismatic Hendon Mob Brand Manager Roland, then here is one of our old interviews with him.