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  • The Festival Series Spotlight – Deepstack Tournament Extremely Popular

The Festival Series Spotlight – Deepstack Tournament Extremely Popular

The Festival Series Spotlight – Deepstack Tournament Extremely Popular

The Bratislava Deepstack tournament, an integral part of The Festival Series Bratislava since its inception, stands as a testament to the enduring spirit of poker enthusiasts. Originally christened the PokerListings Deepstack, this event has evolved into a celebrated cornerstone of the series. More than just a poker tournament, it embodies the essence of pure joy and makes players feel welcomed to a great week of poker. The roots of this prestigious tournament trace back to its early days under the banner of PokerListings. With each passing series, it has embraced evolution, transforming into the Bratislava Deepstack we know today. From the very first day of The Festival Series, the Deepstack tournament has served as the exhilarating warm-up event for the Main Event. Let’s dive deeper into the history of this great event, among other details which are nice indicators to be aware of!

The Bratislava Deepstack 2023

  • The Bratislava Deepstack Day 1a- 26.11.2023, at 19:00 p.m.
  • The Bratislava Deepstack Day 1b - 27.11.2023, at 16:00 p.m.
  • The Bratislava Deepstack Day 1c - 28.11.2023, at 16:00 p.m.
  • The Bratislava Deepstack Day 2 - 29.11.2023, at 13:00 p.m.
  • Buy-in: €225+€25
  • Starting stack: 30,100
  • Levels: 30 minutes
  • Late registration: 10 levels
  • Unlimited re-entries

You are wondering why the starting stack has such an abnormal number, right? To be able to make a difference between this event and the Main Event, the starting stack couldn’t be equal, as it wouldn’t make sense to call it a deep stack right? Well, here it is! 100 chips will be added to the 30,000 starting stack. With 3 starting days, 30-minute blind levels, and the option for unlimited re-entries, we are expecting an electric prize pool in this one!

Banco Casino

History Charts Deepstack Tournament at The Festival Series:

We have seen Deepstack tournaments with various amounts of player fields. Taking into account that some of these events were single-day events or multi-day events, the numbers vary a bit. The upcoming edition in Banco Casino Bratislava goes alongside the H.O.R.S.E.S Main Event, but will have a stunning 3 starting flights!

Tournament NamePlaceTotal Entries
Pokerlistings DeepstackBratislava ‘21194
Pokerlistings DeepstackTallinn ‘22252
Pokerlistings DeepstackBratislava ‘22140
Pokerlistings DeepstackNottingham ‘23383
Pokerlistings DeepstackMalta ‘23354
Bratislava DeepstackBratislava ‘23 

The Festival Series Bratislava ’21 – PokerListings Deepstack

JJ Hazan
JJ Hazan wins 2021 PokerListings Deepstack Championship

Buy-In: €220
Entries: 194
Prize Pool: €36.860

#Player NamePayout
1Jeraint James Hazan €       7,375.00
2Dan Gunnar Joakim Olin €       7,000.00
3Yannick Schumacher €       4,425.00
4Jason Kiselis €       3,315.00
5Andras Balogh €       2,765.00
6Harald Sammer €       2,210.00
7Peder Aage Paulsen €       1,660.00
8Jukka Sakari Karvinen €       1,290.00

The Festival Series Tallinn ’22 – PokerListings Deepstack

Kalle Ly
  • Buy-in: €250
  • Entries: 252
  • Prize Pool: €54,432
#Player NamePayout
1Kalle Ly€10,736
2Antony Kauzloric€10,736
3Richard Koppel€6,560
4Hans Fernkvist€4,330
5Toomas Hunt€3,230
6Daniel Gonzalez€2,530
7Emmi Juutilainen€1,890
8Victoria Bergstedt€1,360

The Festival Series Bratislava ’22 – PokerListings Deepstack

Manuel Blaschke
  • Buy-In: €250
  • Entries: 140
  • Prize Pool: €29,925
#Player NamePayout
1Manuel Blaschke€7,335
2Michele Marzi€4,565
3Mathijs Rust€3,665
4Miroslav Zitka€2,845
5Tylar Lawrence€2,245
6Istvan Nemeth€1,795
7Janos Szappanos€1,345
8Younes Jarir€1,045

The Festival Series Nottingham ’23 – PokerListings Deepstack

Colin Lovelock
  • Buy-In: £120
  • Entries: 383
  • Prize Pool: £37,151
PlacePlayer NamePayout
1Colin Lovelock£5,020
2Russell Bowman£5,225
3Jeraint “JJ” Hazan£3,856
4Nicholas Burrett£2,350
5Corrado Nane£1,850
6Alexandru Grigorie£1,500
7Dimitru Enache£1,200
8Sean O Donnell£950

The Festival Series Malta ’23 – PokerListings Deepstack

Younes Jarir and Friends
  • Buy-In: €250
  • Entries: 354
  • Prize Pool: €76,464
PlacePlayer NamePayout
1Younes Jarir€16,200
2Manuel Blaschke€9,990
3Niklas Borg€6,690
4Vahur Tima€5,250
5Karl Sundin€4,250
6Colin Lovelock€3,250
7Tanguy Pellerin€2,574
8Wooseun Kim€1,930