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  • Time for a prop bet Barry, David or Dara?

Time for a prop bet Barry, David or Dara?

Time for a prop bet Barry, David or Dara?

Being at The Festival Series is not only about tournaments in poker or casino games, it is not only about the cash games, it is also about enjoying the destination, taking some time off from the daily grit. Meet new and old friends, and maybe, maybe for some settle the score who is the better gambler.

Proposition betting, or prop betting, is a popular aspect of poker where players place bets on a specific outcome or event that may or may not happen during the course of a game. These bets are typically made outside the normal betting structure of the game and can range from trivial to significant amounts of money.

The history of prop betting in poker can be traced back to the early days of the game. It was originally a way for players to pass the time during long sessions and add some excitement to the game. In the early days, these bets were often simple, such as who would win the next hand or who would be dealt the next card. In fact, many professional players are known for making outrageous bets on everything from golf to weight loss to even prop bets on prop bets.

Crazy prop bet between Franke and Janar

We all have been part of, or had a friend who have won or lost a fun or large propbet, question is if the one between Franke and Janar back in 2016 does belong to one of the more funny and interesting ones, given the reach these 2 relatively unknown poker players had on the media scene back then. Well you be the judge, check out this epic video just published at PokerStrategy from last week's Unibet qualifier session.

In the video above, is the re-cap of what happened in 2016 when a score was settled in Cash Game Festival Bulgaria and looser had to spend decent time in Poland as a “punishment”. Polish mainstream media got wind of the bet, they asked the open question, “Is spending time in Poland a punishment?”. Articles, TV shows and news shows in Polish media touched the topic and the outcome for our looser and The Festival was in the end all positive. Our beloved game of poker did truly have a further reach then just the actual game played between two very good friends.

Opportunities await - the journey to Malta begins with Unibet

Unibet is qualifying players to The Festival in Malta, both Main Event Seat only on Tuesday’s as well as full packages on Thursday’s as a part of their Unibet Live qualifier structure. With the Unibet Live €50 or €250 tickets you can secure your poker holiday and kick start the summer at Portomaso casino. Feeders from €0,01 - €0,40 - €2 - €10 to secure tickets to the finals on weekdays that starts with T (Tea?).

So, Mr. O'Kearney, Mr. Lappin or Mr. Carter, would either of you dare to make a live propbet against Franke the Fish? For once and for all clarify if you are the stronger players or The Festival Farmer number 1 is? The prop bet line is open for suggestions via private message to our Facebook page.  Let’s go!