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Your Journey To Malta Begins With Unibet

Your Journey To Malta Begins With Unibet

Approximately two months from now, the first poker players will land in Malta to start playing at The Festival Malta 2023 festival. The festival will last for a total of 8 days and will take place at the Portomaso Casino.

The main attractions of the festival are:

As is customary for festivals, it is possible to qualify for the main event through our online partners. One such partner where it is possible to win a ticket more affordably is Unibet.

Qualify for Festival Malta 2023 through Unibet Online Qualifiers

Unibet offers daily opportunities to qualify for The Festival Malta 2023 poker festival. One possible way to earn a ticket is through flip tournaments. The lowest option is to participate in a €0.40 flip tournament, which takes place daily and has a guaranteed prize pool of a €2 ticket. From a €2 tournament, it is possible to flip a €10 ticket. From a €10 tournament, it is possible to win a €50 ticket, which can be used to earn a seat in a €250 satellite tournament or to try to win a seat in The Festival Malta 2023 main event on Tuesdays (ticket value €550).

But as they say, a picture is worth a thousand words. Similarly, two pictures are worth more than one picture 😊.

The Festival Malta 2023 Streamer - Jacob Dideriksen-Nielsen

If you feel that playing online poker alone is boring, you can also participate in the qualification tournaments via our Twitch channel on Tuesdays and Thursdays. Our streamer Jacob will play in the qualification tournaments starting at 8:00 PM CET on those days. In addition to being a good storyteller, Jacob is also the winner of our Bratislava 2022 HU tournament.

The Festival: Hello Jacob! It's great to see and hear from you again. Please tell us a little about yourself.

  • Jacob: My name is Jacob, and I am from Denmark, but I have been living in Malta for quite some time now. So, for me, Festival Malta 2023 in May is like a home game tournament.

The Festival: What should our players know about Malta and May?

  • Jacob: Oh, in May, everyone coming from cold countries can expect sunshine, warm weather, and amazing people. Unlike many visitors from Estonia and Latvia (greetings to the Latvian player and streamer Gatis), the motto of the Maltese people is "smile, and you'll be smiled back at." Therefore, I recommend two things to all travelers to Malta - leave your warm clothes at home and bring along a good mood.

The Festival: You played with Unibet before our previous Nottingham event. How do you feel about this one? Do you have any advice for players participating in online satellite tournaments?

  • Jacob: Indeed. I played about five or six times and each time I reached the money spots. I won a ticket to a main event and also finished second or third multiple times. In terms of game strategy, during the rebuy period, it is better to be aggressive and win as many chips as possible. If that doesn't work, the rebuy button helps to get back to the starting stack. After the re-entry period, I recommend that everyone adopt a tight passive-aggressive playing style and learn to understand their opponents' ranges and target them accordingly. I wish all fellow players luck in the tournaments and I'll see you at the table tomorrow. I'm playing in a 50 euro tournament, where it's possible to win a ticket to a 250 euro tournament on Thursday, where two packages to Malta are already guaranteed.

We also wish Jacob and all our player's good luck! If you haven't booked a hotel yet, you can find out more about our hotel offers HERE.

Unibet Malta 2023 Final Qualifiers:

16.03.2023 20:00 CET€250 (1xre-entry)2x1,600€ PACKAGE
21.03.2023 20:00 CET€50 (1xre-entry)€550 ME SEAT ONLY
23.03.2023 20:00 CET€250 (1xre-entry)2x1,600€ PACKAGE
28.03.2023 20:00 CET€50 (1xre-entry)€550 ME SEAT ONLY
30.03.2023 20:00 CET€250 (1xre-entry)2x1,600€ PACKAGE
04.04.2023 20:00 CET€50 (1xre-entry)€550 ME SEAT ONLY
06.04.2023 20:00 CET€250 (1xre-entry)2x1,600€ PACKAGE
11.04.2023 20:00 CET€50 (1xre-entry)€550 ME SEAT ONLY
13.04.2023 20:00 CET€250 (1xre-entry)2x1,600€ PACKAGE
18.04.2023 20:00 CET€50 (1xre-entry)€550 ME SEAT ONLY
20.04.2023 20:00 CET€250 (1xre-entry)2x1,600€ PACKAGE
25.04.2023 20:00 CET€50 (1xre-entry)€550 ME SEAT ONLY
27.04.2023 20:00 CET€250 (1xre-entry)2x1,600€ PACKAGE
02.05.2023 20:00 CET€50 (1xre-entry)€550 ME SEAT ONLY
04.05.2023 20:00 CET€250 (1xre-entry)2x1,600€ PACKAGE

Details: €1,600 Unibet Package


  • Mercure hotel 5 nights with breakfast for up to 2 persons Tuesday 16th May - Sunday 21st May.
  • 1 x €550 Buy in Main Event
  • 200€ pocket money for travel expenses, or for accommodation (will be paid out directly in your Unibet account)