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  • Totti Lind Winner of ‘Player of the Festival Series’ of Bratislava!! 

Totti Lind Winner of ‘Player of the Festival Series’ of Bratislava!! 

Totti Lind Winner of ‘Player of the Festival Series’ of Bratislava!! 

The Festival Series in Bratislava has just come to an end, and it was a smashing success! During the 3rd edition of our Series, where the Main Event guarantee got absolutely smashed, a 'Player of the Series' award was at stake for the first time. We are pleased to inform you that the first official winner of this award goes to... Totti Lind!! Not only is the glory awarded, but also a €1600 package to The Festival Nottingham stop as well as a free seat to the Acroud €1000 Charity tournament that is streamed live on our Twitch channel

To take advantage of this announcement, we would also like to share the top of the leaderboard with you. An overall winner of a series event is mainstream nowadays to such events, but we strongly believe in the formula we have set up for this which gives an even better chance for everyone to win it. We aim for a formula that it is not self-evident so that the winner of the Main Event always takes home the trophy.  

Michel Molenaar
Michel Molenaar

So it was that the winner is Totti Lind, a seasoned semi-professional poker player from Sweden, who managed to cash in four out of the five tournaments he played, including a win in the 4-5-6 PLO. As a result, he kept the Main Event winner, Michel Molenaar, at an appropriate distance. 

We asked our first Player of the Series Winner what his first thoughts were when he found out he had won the brand-new leaderboard challenge: 

Totti: ‘’As I did not make it in the Main Event, I did not think I would make it all the way. 
So i am both surprised and of course super happy. The Festival Series is my absolute favourite venue! Martin ‘Franke’ von Zweigbergk and his team do an excellent job to make every player feel special and the atmosphere among the players is just amazing. I sincerely cannot wait for the next stop in Nottingham!’’ 

It was close between 2nd-5th, and it will come as no surprise that our own Martin 'Franke' von Zweigbergk is among them. Sir Franke plays just about every card game and sportsbook event available and winning two 'glorified' Sit 'n Go games helps! Even if someone would bust 10 events, and would win 2 of them, there is still a chance to walk away with the biggest trophy of all. 

Here are the top seeds of the 'Player of the Festival Series'

PlacePlayer of the Series Points
1stLind, Thomas137
2ndMolenaar, Michel118
3rdWilson, Simon115
4thvon Zweigbergk, Martin ‘Franke’ 110
5thLeitenroth, Sandor109

We also asked Totti about his thoughts about Player of the Series concept and how he experienced it. Together with some tips&trics for the next Series: 

Totti: ‘’I did not realize I was even that close to win it, until the last day of the Series. If I had known beforehand, I would probably have played a couple more tournaments. In the end, you do not need to win the Main Event or win a lot of side-events, a few final tables will get you up there! 

Pure statistically we will also share the top-20 list, so that everyone has some bragging rights for the next Series: 

  1. Thomas Lind 
  2. Michel Molenaar
  3. Simon Wilson 
  4. Martin 'Franke' von Zweigbergk
  5. Sandor Leitenroth
  6. Jan Hribernik
  7. Julian Herold
  8. Joel Holmberg
  9. Terje Jahn
  10. Ylva Thorsrud
  11. Emmanouil Zacharakis
  12. Joshua Stewart
  13. Chen Keren
  14. Miroslav Zitka
  15. Ruben Rasmussen
  16. Gerianne Dijkstra
  17. Andras Matrai
  18. Jakob Pilgaard
  19. William Lynch
  20. Bjorne Lindberg

Like you, we thoroughly enjoyed this event, and we hope with these new additions that players will be even more motivated to take home a trophy (portrait)! He already won a portrait trophy for his win in the PLO 4/5/6 event, but now Totti also gets one for Player of the Series - a portrait made by our Ukrainian artist.

Big congratulations to you, and we hope to see everyone for our next chapter in Nottingham (UK)!

Make sure to keep an eye on our website to be updated about all the news in regards of our next stop in Nottingham from 13-19 of February in 2023!

Official Calculations for the Top 5 Leaderbord

Totti Lind (1st) – 137 Points

Event #NamePointsResult
Event 1Sviten274th
Event 8ME11Played
Event 284-5-6 PLO401st
Event 39PLO Freeze218th
Event 42Texas G30383rd

Total points: 137

Michel Molenaar (2nd) – 118 Points

Event #NamePointsResult
Event 2Hendonmob134th
Event 8ME861st
Event 168-game2Played
Event 24HU3Played
Event 27NLH HR11Played
Event 31Pokerlistings3Played

Total points: 118

Simon Wilson (3rd) – 115 Points

Event #NamePointsResult
Event 2Hendonmob332nd
Event 8ME11Played
Event 138-game2Played
Event 24HU3Played
Event 27NLH HR11Played
Event 30Texas Suprise3Played
Event 31Pokerlistings3Played
Event 34Texas 15G617th
Event 41NLH Freeze401st
Event 47Lowroller3Played

Total points: 115

Martin 'Franke' von Zweigbergk (4th) – 110 Points

Event #NamePointsResult
Event 1Sviten3Played
Event 8ME11Played
Event 40Sportsbook High281st
Event 13Win The Button1511th
Event 17PLO High11Played
Event 284-5-6 PLO3Played
Event 32OFC3Played
Event 49OFC High361st

Total points: 110

Sandor Leitenroth (5th) – 109 Points

Event #NamePointsResult
Event 1Sviten3Played
Event 2Hendonmob227th
Event 8ME11Played
Event 11PLO Masters3Played
Event 168-game2Played
Event 20Prog KO332nd
Event 36PLO/PLO High2Played
Event 39PLO Freeze303rd
Event 48Shortdeck3Played

Total points: 109

r picture of PLO Totti