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  • Tournament Spotlight: The Festival Mystery Bounty!

Tournament Spotlight: The Festival Mystery Bounty!

Tournament Spotlight: The Festival Mystery Bounty!

Explore the excitement of mystery bounty tournaments at The Festival Series, where every elimination could bring a surprise reward. Experience this fresh format that blends classic bounties with an element of suspense with the new technology of King's Casino in place, offering thrilling moments and potential big pay outs!

Ever since our stop in Malta '23, the Mystery Bounty has part of our action-packed schedule. After the event at the Portomaso Casino, another edition found place in Bratislava after that. With two successful events in the books, it's now time to head to Rozvadov, where players can experience a mystery bounty event like never before, as King's Casino has got an epic technology in place to reveal the bounty prizes of the players. Qualify yourself online today, as many satellite tournaments are scheduled to give away numerous of packages in the upcoming week!

Let's dive into the history of the Mystery Bounty with The Festival Series!

EventBuy-InTotal EntriesTotal Prize Pool
The Festival Malta€ 250201€44,220
The Festival Bratislava€ 250283€60,135

The Festival Malta 2023 - Mystery Bounty

The Mystery Bounty made its debut during The Festival Malta, 20-21 May 2023. The Portomaso Casino hosted the event, and a whopping number 201 entries were made during the registration period, resulting in massive Mystery Bounties. Eventually, these bounties would come in play on the second day. The lowest bounty would award players €200, where all eyes were set on the massive first prize bounty of €5,000!

Svein Olav Eidsaeter, prodigy of Coolbet, managed to scoop the win during the debut of this event and took at least a €2,000 bounty on the way as well. He climbed up the ladder of the 'Player of the Series' ranking because of this great win. It would eventually become his second win of the week, as he also shipped the Win-The-Button event. Another friend of The Festival, Ruurd Nauta, also managed to secure a good result in this event by finishing 5th overall.

A great experience of the first ever Festival Mystery Bounty came to an end, and surely its debut was quite the success!

RankeCountryPlayer NamePrize Money (excl. bounty)
1stSvein Olav Eidsaeter€6,400
2ndSanto Sidoti€3,950
3rdEmanuel Borg€2,550
4thMarcel Fandre€1,950
5thRuurd Nauta€1,460
6thKai Muller€1,140
7thGuillaume Blanchi€800
8thThoe Baldanza€600
The Festival Mystery Bounty - Malta '23

The Festival Bratislava 2023 - Mystery Bounty

With the experience of the first Mystery Bounty event in Malta, it was now time to shine at the Banco Casino in Bratislava. A total number of 283 entries were made, resulting in a massive prize pool of €60,135. With the lowest bounty set on €315, and the highest on €5,650, it would become a true battlefield from the moment the Mystery Bounties came into play.

Daniel Smith, born and raised in England, took the down whole event and accumulated in this way at least two bounties for winning the heads-up, and for taking his own bounty as well! Surely he had accumulated more bounties on the way towards his win as well. The massive first prize bounty of €5,650 went to Germany this time!

A steady 285 entries in the Mystery Bounty event showed that this poker format is one of the most popular formats out there. In Malta, the Mystery bounty was ranked in the top 5, looking at its total amount of entries.

RankCountryPlayer NamePrize Money (excl. bounty)
1stDaniel Smith€6,290
2ndAngelos Valilis€4,520
3rdOfir Gavriely€3,150
4thRuben Korab€2,350
5thAlexandros Michas€1,800
6thErwin Hammer€1,450
7thAsterios Kokompelis€1,150
8thStephen Jarvie€950
The Festival Mystery Bounty - Bratislava '23

The Festival Rozvadov 2024 - Mystery Bounty

Where the previous events already had a guaranteed prize pool on them, our next Mystery Bounty event will be bigger and better than ever before! Together with King's Casino Rozvadov, a guaranteed prize pool of €100,000 will be shared over all participants who will make it to the money spots.

One of the key differences with the previous editions of the Mystery Bounty, is that the upcoming edition will have multiple opening flights and go with a slight higher buy-in (€300). On top of that, included in the €100,000 guaranteed prize pool, there will be WSOPE '24 Main Event tickets awarded to the top 2 spots, each worth €10,350!

With the great atmosphere in the poker area at King's Casino, alongside the great technology to reveal the mystery bounties of the players, we expect a true spectacle event in Rozvadov! Qualify yourself online now as this upcoming week will hand out numerous of full packages for our event in Rozvadov! Keep our social media in sight, for any further information regarding this event!