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  • Two Four-Way Deals on Day 2 of The Festival Series Nottingham

Two Four-Way Deals on Day 2 of The Festival Series Nottingham

Two Four-Way Deals on Day 2 of The Festival Series Nottingham

The second day of Festival Series Nottingham at Dusk Till Dawn was full of action! There was not one, but two four-way deals in events last night. Antonius Samuel won the £120 Tuesday Turbo as part of a four-way deal, while ACR Stormer Oskar "DeckFlow" Ojaveer proved he isn't just about poker as he won the £120 Roulette Tournament after also agreeing to a four-way deal. Also winning big was Martin Chan after defeating an experienced field in the £230 8-Game event.

In addition, the £120 PokerListings Deepstack featured its third opening flight with Kasper Wurtz parlaying a 200,000 opening stack into 2,865,000 in chips. This puts him behind W.M. who bagged 3,920,000 on Day 1a and Day 1b chip leader Corrado Nane who advanced with 3,005,000 in chips.

Meanwhile, The Festival Series founder Martin "Franke" von Zweigbergk took the lead in the Cash Game Challenge last night after crushing souls in the £2/£5 PLO live stream after winning a whopping 628 big blinds good for £3,140.

Martin "Franke" von Zweigbergk
Martin "Franke" von Zweigbergk

The Festival Series Nottingham boasts 35 numbered events highlighted by the The Festival Series £450 Main Event kicking off on Wednesday. Hold'em is just part of the allure of The Festival Series as many mixed game formats are also featured as well as casino-style tournaments with events in both Blackjack and Roulette where players are pitted against each other instead of the house.

Martin Chan Wins the 8-Game

Martin Chan defeated Mathew Truepenny heads-up to win the £230 8-Game for £3,690. The tournament was fully capped with 56 entries to generate a prize pool of £10,864.

The action was hot and heavy with many experienced mixed game players including Norway's Tobias Leknes. While Leknes was unable to cash, the tournament paid out nine other players at least a £325 min-cash payouts.

1Martin Chan£3,690
2Mathew Truepenny£2,390
3Leo Farodoye£1,415
4Aleksandrs Golubevs£975
5Ryan Armitt£710
6Seth Webber£540
7Leo Sigurdsson£435
8Matteo Crapanzano£384
9Bash Mahmoud£325

Antonius Samuel Wins the Tuesday Turbo

Antonius Samuel won the £120 Tuesday Turbo after agreeing a four-way deal with Orlando Anderson, Sanjay Patel, and Anthony Kauzloric.

The event attracted 53 entries to create a £5,044 prize pool. Not a bad return for the final four players for just a £120 buy-in!

1Antonius Samuel£1,244
2Orlando Anderson£1,195
3Sanjay Patel£775
4Anthony Kauzloric£1,205
5Anthony White£375
6Jack Morrison£250
Antonius Samuel
Antonius Samuel

"DeckFlow" Wins the Roulette Tournament

The Festival Series is more than just a poker festival as there are also casino tournaments as well. You may think that Roulette is a house game. You would normally be correct but in this case the players were competing against each other and advanced to the next round based on their stack size.

ACR Stormer Oskar "DeckFlow" Ojaveer officially bested the 16 players that entered the £120 Roulette Tournament after agreeing to a four-way deal with Jari Karkkainen, Sturla Hiller, and William Lynch. All four players cashed for the same prize of £388.

1Oskar Ojaveer£388
2Jari Tapio Karkkainen£388
3Sturla Hiller£388
4William Lynch£388

Franke Leads the Cash Game Challenge

The Festival Series founder Martin "Franke" von Zweigbergk blew up the Cash Game Challenge during the live-streamed £2/£5 PLO after winning a whopping 628 big blinds good for £3,140. This put him ahead of Harlo Buchan, who won 251 big blinds or £502 in the £2/£2 pot-limit Omaha on Day 1.

We shall see if Franke's lead holds as there are two more Cash Game Challenges each day throughout the week. The player that wins the most big blinds during any single live-streamed session will not only win a ton of cash but also a free package to The Festival Series Malta taking place at the luxurious Portomaso Casino on May 15-21. Best of luck to Franke!

Bowling and Axe Throwing

The Festival Series qualifiers yesterday were invited to a fun bowling activity. Somehow, The Festival Series photographer Mairo Toom when the event while also taking pictures with an impressive score of 142.

Today, players will be tossing some axes. It will be done at a secure facility that specializes in this activity. We wish all the players to have a blast both on and away from the tables.

Today's Schedule (Feb. 15)

12 p.m.£120 PokerListings Championship Final Day
12 p.m.£450 Main Event Day 1a
1 p.m.£56 Main Event Satellite (5 Seats GTD)
5 p.m.£120 Knockout (54 Cap)
6:30 p.m.Cash Game Challenge
7 p.m.£56 Main Event Satellite (5 Seats GTD)
8 p.m.£230 Round of Each (NLH/PLO)
9 p.m.£120 Blackjack Tournament
9:30 p.m.Cash Game Challenge

Follow today's action at The Festival Series blog!