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  • Win your Festival Series Package with Jevakim!

Win your Festival Series Package with Jevakim!

Win your Festival Series Package with Jevakim!

Today’s poker scene is dominated by an extreme offer of live events throughout the whole world. One of the major aspects of the growth of this industry in the past several years is the online poker community. Many online players make it happen to livestream their poker action on various streaming platforms. You simply do not escape the poker streamers anymore these days, going all over social media and beyond. Even though online poker often is the same, regardless at which operator you are playing, for the live stream business it is important to be unique. One of the key factors to do something which others don’t, is mixed games. And let it be that one of the most popular streamers from Norway, Ylva 'Jevakim' Thorsrud, is one of these fanatic mixed games players which visits our Festival Series every single time! With her ‘Jevakim’ brand, she even makes name for herself off stream, holding on to some great results in the live poker scene lately. Every week, players who are following ‘Jevakim’, have the chance to play in one of her own home games and can even win packages with specialized qualifier tournaments!

Fun at the Poker Tables

If you have visited The Festival Series before, the chance of having seen Ylva 'Jevakim' Thorsrud at one of the poker tables is fairly high as she has been visiting us at every stop. The joy and enthusiasm this Coolbet Ambassador brings to the tables is a great thing to see, and we definitely support her in that as it's where The Festival Series is all about. Over the past year she has been setting result after result, especially in the mixed games. In previous articles we made about Ylva, you can read back what plans she had for herself related to poker, and what she is aiming for to achieve eventually.

Ylva 'Jevakim' Thorsrud

Within the next three weeks, you have a chance of being part of the Jevakims Spesial Qualifiers on Coolbet & Betfred. All the action will be streamed on her channels, and you will have the chance of winning one of the unique Festival Series packages worth €1,300. One day we will pick out in particular as November 6th will be her birthday stream! The schedule looks like this:

DateTimeBuy-inGTD Prize Pool
Wednesday - November 120:00 CET€30 + 2RE1x €1,300 Jevakims Package GTD
Monday - November 6 (Birthday Stream!)20:00 CET€30 + 2RE1x €1,300 Jevakims Package GTD
Tuesday - November 720:00 CET€30 + 2RE1x €1,300 Jevakims Package GTD
Friday - November 1020:00 CET€30 + 2RE1x €1,300 Jevakims Package GTD
Tuesday - November 1420:00 CET€30 + 2RE1x €1,300 Jevakims Package GTD
Friday - November 1720:00 CET€30 + 2RE1x €1,300 Jevakims Package GTD

Jevakims Spesial Festival Series Package:

  • 6 nights SINGLE/DOUBLE/TWIN at AC Marriot Bratislava Hotel (or similar if sold out)
  • Check-in: 28.11.2023 check-out: 04.12.2023
  • Breakfast for up two persons
  • 1x €550 buy-in The Festival Series Main Event
Ylva 'Jevakim' Thorsrud

Results of Ylva Thorsrud's previous year, since The Festival Series Bratislava '22:

DateCountryTournament NamePlacePrize Money
06-Sep-23€ 500 + 50 No Limit Hold'em - Coolbet Open Main Event3rd€ 25,190
06-Sep-23€ 100 + 15 No Limit Hold'em - Wedde's Hyper Turbo6th€ 745
20-May-23€ 125 + 25 + 100 No Limit Hold'em - Mystery Bounty - The Festival Series27th€ 200
16-May-23€ 225 + 25 Pot Limit Omaha - PLO Championship - The Festival Series5th€ 1,095
01-Apr-23€ 120 + 15 No Limit Hold'em - VIP (Event #49) 2nd€ 1,555
27-Mar-23€ 800 + 80 Pot Limit Omaha - Norwegian Championship Double Chance PLO (Event #18) Day 1 11th€ 2,728
15-Feb-23£ 50 + 20 + 50 No Limit Hold'em - Knockout (Event #14) - The Festival Series8th£ 155
12-Feb-23£ 100 + 20 No Limit Hold'em - PokerListings Championship (Event #1) - The Festival Series23rd£ 300
14-Dec-22€ 1,000 + 100 Pot Limit Omaha Hi-Lo (Event #32)3rd€ 10,850
13-Dec-22€ 1,000 + 100 Pot Limit Omaha (Event #28)14th€ 4,320
08-Dec-22€ 1,000 + 100 No Limit Hold'em - Eureka Main Event (Event #5)44th€ 8,100
13-Oct-22€ 225 + 25 Pot Limit Omaha - 4/5/6 Cards (Event #28) - The Festival Series6th€ 780
12-Oct-22€ 110 + 15 8 Game Mix (Event #16) - The Festival Series6th€ 465
11-Oct-22€ 225 + 25 Pot Limit Omaha Masters (Event #11) - The Festival Series11th€ 460
11-Oct-22€ 500 + 50 No Limit Hold'em - Main Event (Event #8) - The Festival Series13th€ 4,710
Credits to The HendonMob - Partner of The Festival Series