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  • Malta 2023 Tournament Spotlight: The HendonMob Championship

Malta 2023 Tournament Spotlight: The HendonMob Championship

Malta 2023 Tournament Spotlight: The HendonMob Championship

The Festival Series, which is visiting Malta for the first time, will take place at the Portomaso Casino from May 15-21. For those who have visited us before, they surely know that in addition to various non-casino hospitality activities, we also pay great attention to creating additional benefits for our players during gaming activities. One such solution we offer our players is a partnership with The HendonMob. The HendonMob is the world's leading online poker results database, with data on over 764,000 players and results from more than 4.1 million tournaments. For the third consecutive time, The Festival will host a special tournament named after the HendonMob, where the winner will receive not only an exclusive victory trophy but also eternal fame and glory.

Key facts about The HendonMob Championship (event #35)

  • The Hendon Mob Championship Day 1- 19.05.2022, at 4:00 p.m.
  • The Hendon Mob Championship Day 2 - 20.05.2022, at 1:00 p.m.
  • Buy-in: €225+€25
  • Starting stack: 25,000
  • Levels: 30 minutes
  • Late registration: 10 levels
  • Unlimited re-entries

The winner of the tournament will receive a special THMC trophy, which comes with eternal honor and fame. Additionally, all players who have cashed in The HendonMob Championship will receive a special THMC flag in the Hendonmob database, so if you are looking for a "special" flag in addition to the Malta flag, the only solution is to cash in this tournament.

History of The HendonMob Championship

Nottingham 2023 - The tournament that decided the fate of The Player of The Festival

During The Festival Nottingham held on February 18-19, 2023, a total of 384 entries were made in The HendonMob Championship tournament, which accumulated a general prize pool of £37,248. The two-day tournament, where reaching the second day guarantees a min-cash for the players (a total of 57 players made it to the second day), was won by UK player Reem Ahmed, who defeated our Flip Flop winner Alexandru Talica in the heads-up battle. Reem Ahmed's tournament victory secured him a total of £6,715 in prize money.

  • Name: 2023 Nottingham - The HendonMob Championship
  • Buy-in: £125
  • Date: 18-19.02.2023
  • Entries: 384
  • Prizepool: £37,248
  • Full results: Nottingham 2023
1Reem Ahmed£6,715
2Alexandru Talica£5,785
4Callum Drummond£2,198
5Vikesh Shah£1,650
6Mihail Popa£1,300

Bratislava 2022 - The tournament victory remained for the home team

The Festival Bratislava 2022 featured the Hendonmob Warm-Up tournament as one of the festival's launch events. A total of 131 buy-ins were made in the tournament on the opening day, creating a prize pool of €28,000. Sixteen players received a payout, with local player Peter Zolnai emerging as the most successful, taking home a prize of €7,000 for winning the tournament. In the heads-up match, Peter defeated experienced Irish tournament player Simon Wilson, who received €4,410 as consolation. Third place went to Austrian poker pro Alexander Oswald, who has won more than €200,000 in live tournaments.

  • Name: 2022 Bratislava - The HendonMob Grand Final Warm Up
  • Buy-in: €250
  • Date: 10-11.10.2022
  • Entries: 131
  • Prizepool: €28,000
  • Full results: Bratislava 2022

We also caught up with the winner of the tournament, Peter Zolnai, who recalls the following when reflecting on the event:

  • Peter Zolnai: The THMC in Bratislava was an absolute standout. Witnessing players from different corners of the globe congregate in our country to partake in a spectacular poker extravaganza is an experience like no other. The ambiance during these tournaments is truly exceptional, characterized by a delightful blend of qualifiers, enthusiastic recreational players, and a handful of highly skilled professionals.
  • My HU opponent was undoubtedly one of the more formidable players in the field, but being an HU specialist myself, I was confident that I held a certain advantage and felt optimistic about my prospects. As a competitive individual, I frequently peruse the Hendon Mob leaderboards. I derive great satisfaction from measuring my progress against my peers and striving to climb the ranks.
1Peter Zolnai €7,000
2Simon Wilson€4,410
3Alexander Oswald€3,430
4Mark Berman€2,660
5Kristoffer Boerrud€2,100
6Riben Rasmussen€1,680

The Festival Online Qualifiers - New Week Brings New Hopes

Exactly four weeks from now, The Festival Malta 2023 will begin. The Festival Series 5th edition will be hosted by the richly historic Portomaso Casino, which has previously organized dozens if not hundreds of events, including the European Poker Tour (EPT). A total of 50 tournaments will be played during the festival, including a variety of mixed games (Sviten Special, Open Face Chinese, PLO 4-5-6, H.O.R.S.E, etc.). Players can also enjoy Blackjack and Roulette tournaments. You can find the exact tournament schedule here

It is possible to qualify for Festival Malta through our various online partners. One such place is Unibet, where you can start your journey to Malta for as little as 0.40 cents. Satellite tournaments are structured based on a "tree" logic, where at the top you'll find €250 Thursday final.

Unibet weekly key events:

Starting timeNameBuy-InPrice
18.04.2023 20:00 CETUnibet Live: The Festival Malta Seat Only - 1x €550 GTD€501x €550 The Festival Malta ME SEAT
18.04.2023 20:05 CETUnibet Live: The Festival Qualifier - 4x €250€ GTD€104x €250 Thursday Final tickets
20.04.2023 20:00 CETUnibet Live: The Festival Malta - 2x €1,600 GTD€2502x €1,600 The Festival Malta package