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  • Coolbet Easter Wild Week – 8 packages GTD

Coolbet Easter Wild Week – 8 packages GTD

Coolbet Easter Wild Week – 8 packages GTD

Celebrate Easter with us and take part in a unique Coolbet Easter Series, featuring exciting gameplay and plenty of additional rewards. As part of this special campaign, you'll have the chance to win one of two €1600 packages for The Festival in Malta.

From the 5th to the 10th of April, you can participate in daily tournaments with buy-ins ranging up to €30, including a freeroll on the opening day with a prize pool of €1000. By participating in these tournaments, you'll also earn points towards the Coolbet Easter Series Leaderboard, which offers over €6000 worth of prizes.

Don't miss out on this opportunity to join in on the Easter festivities and win big!

........ Wait a second! That´s not it! The Festival Series & Coolbet decide to go crazy with their Eastern Campaign so outside of the overall leaderboard tournaments, there is every day, yes you read it right, every day there is one special tournament where is one Malta package guaranteed. The tournament itself cost €20 so only those who really hate online satellites will not take part in those.

The Festival Easter satellites

05.04.2023 20:00€201x €1,600 The Festival Coolbet Easter package
06.04.2023 20:00€201x €1,600 The Festival Coolbet Easter package
07.04.2023 20:00€201x €1,600 The Festival Coolbet Easter package
08.04.2023 20:00€201x €1,600 The Festival Coolbet Easter package
09.04.2023 20:00€201x €1,600 The Festival Coolbet Easter package
10.04.2023 20:00€201x €1,600 The Festival Coolbet Easter package

Please keep this reminder that all of those 6 The Festival Easter satellite results will not count for the overall Coolbet Eastern Campaign leaderboard

Coolbet Eastern Campaign Schedule

05.04 19:00 CETCoolbet Easter Series Freeroll€0Freezeout, €1000 GTD
06.04 19:00 CET€20 Freezeout Coolbet Easter Series €20Freezeout
07.04 19:00 CET€20 Re-Entry Coolbet Easter Series €202xRe-Entries
08.04 19:00 CET€5 Coolbet Easter Series R/A€5Unlimited rebuy/ first 10 levels + A/O
09.04 19:00 CET€10 PKO Coolbet Easter Series€10PKO , 2xRe-Entires
10.04 19:00 CET€30 Coolbet Easter Series Freezeout€30Freezeout

Leaderboard winners go to Malta

As previously mentioned, throughout the Coolbet Easter Series, a points table ranking is calculated between all participants, with prizes worth a total of 6000 euros for the top performers. The top two in the ranking will have the exclusive opportunity to join our other online qualifiers and be a part of our exciting festival in Malta.

To climb the leaderboard in the Coolbet Easter Series, you must participate in the events and finish in the top 50. The number of points awarded corresponds to your ranking, with the 50th position earning one point and the top spot rewarding 50 points. Therefore, the higher your placement, the more points you will accumulate towards the leaderboard. Also, top 5 will earn bonus points on top.

PlaceRanking points
150 + 15
249 + 10
348 + 7
447 + 5
546 + 2

Full details bout Coolbet Easter Series read HERE.

Details: €1,600 Coolbet Easter package:

The €1,600 package includes:

  • 5 nights single/double/twin hotel room at the hotel Valentina or Mercure (you can bring a friend) 16/05 - 21/05
  • Breakfast for two
  • Buy-In to the Poker Main Event (€550)
  • Hospitality Package: Entry to daily social side activities

» More Info: Coolbet Satellites

Mystery Player joins with players' army

The Festival Series has stood out with various innovations in the poker landscape. Franke Flip Flop´s, Cashgame Challenge, The Player of The Festival, and organizing Blackjack and Roulette tournaments as part of the poker festival are just a few examples of how we are changing the poker world. We do all this with only one goal - to provide you, dear players, with as many options as possible to enjoy yourselves and make new friends.

Speaking of making new friends, The Festival Series team decided together to find a player who knows poker rules and has previous experience with live poker but lacks substantial online gaming experience. We found such a player and decided to send him/her to compete in our daily The Festival Easter satellite tournaments. Unfortunately, we cannot disclose whether this player is male or female, but by following our social media channels, you can get daily hints and answers to many other questions about the mysterious player.

Mystery Player portfolio:

  • Name: Mystery Player
  • Playing experience: I have played in both official casinos and with friends in private poker games. Sometimes we take out the poker suitcase and spend a nice evening together. However, when it comes to online poker, I have to admit that I am very unfamiliar with this part of the industry. But I must say that I am a fast learner, so no one will have an easy with me. If I make a mistake somewhere, please don't be angry with me.
  • Gender: I can be a man or woman. Fun fact but sometimes my friends call me "alien".
  • Age: Generally, it is said that age is just a number.
  • Country: Unfortunately, I cannot say, but I live in a place where there is snow in winter and sometimes it's hot in summer. However, it rains most of the time here. For those who recognize the place, I recommend everyone to move here. You can experience all seasons on your skin.

We wish good luck to all the players and if you haven´t checked The Festival Malta 2023 schedule yet then you are the same "fool" as our Mystery Player. If you feel bored playing poker by yourself, from Wednesday to Monday you can open one of the many Twitch channels and live with either Joseph, SpokersBowl or the Wedde Brothers who are also trying to win packages via online satellites.