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  • Franke 50 Springs – 180 unique players hunted packages

Franke 50 Springs – 180 unique players hunted packages

Franke 50 Springs – 180 unique players hunted packages

Last Friday, the Franke 50 Springs online satellite tournament took place simultaneously in the pafCoolbetGUTSBetfred poker rooms. A total of 180 unique players took part in the tournament, and their buy-ins, rebuys, and add-ons added up to a total prize pool of around €6,500. Prizes were awarded to the top five players, with the top three receiving € 2,000 packages and the fourth and fifth places receiving cash payouts.

The tournament could be called an "Estonia vs Norway Battle" in terms of the prize places. The moment there were 5 players left and where everyone had guaranteed themselves something already, three of them represented Estonia, while two came from Norway. During the end, game-play Lady Luck favored the "Thors," so the packages were ultimately divided two against one in Norway's favor. One "unlucky" player who finished fourth in the tournament was Allan Arjut, an mixed games specialist who experience a hot run during our Nottingham stop.

But who were the players who won the packages? Here, we introduce them to you.

Paula Ensink Lunderbye, Norway

Paula: I started playing poker live in 2017. Made a deep run in my first Norwegian Championship. Have played some NC since, but also been making babies, so have played mostly online the last few years. The Festival is my first solo poker trip - and I’m stoked! I mostly wait for some poker, sun, gambling, and fun!

The hardest point was on the Final Table when I was quite short and I not just needed the money bubble on the 5th, but the tickets bubble on the 3rd. Like a double bubble! But I survived, and I jumped and shouted when my AQ hold against Q10 against Allan Arjut at the moment when we have similar stack sizes. The next hand the tourney was over. Great sweat!

Photo credit header image featuring Paula Ensink Lunderbye from Norway captured at the Norwegian Championship by Paula Elisabeth Nordskog.

Joachim Olaussen, Norway

Joachim: " Hi! I have been playing poker for the last eight years locally here in Tromsø. Mostly cash games and local tournaments. Also some online poker on Coolbet over the last 5 years. I felt the game went really well on Friday. Never had big problems during the tournament. The hardest part was probably to get chips in the start. Had some start problems, but when some hands went my way it was smooth sailing towards a package😏 Looking forward to a trip to Malta. The Festival looks like a really cool experience. It will be nice to meet new people and play a lot of poker 😁"

Karev Tralla, Estonia

Karev: "After a long time, I played seriously an online satellite tournament and proved that lightning can strike anywhere. On Friday, it literally struck the poker game, because who would have guessed that Karev can actually play poker, right? The tournament was like a walk on the streets of St. Julian's for me. I experienced some ups and downs at the beginning, but at the final table, I kept the pressure on the smaller stacks, and thanks to a lucky coincidence where Allan, who had been keeping aggression up the whole tournament, runs with J7 from the SB into my QQ while I was sitting on BB. That was a key hand that secured the package for me. As for Malta, I am looking forward to meeting all of our online qualifiers and I would also like to remind everyone that blackjack and roulette tournaments are much more exciting than waiting for good starting hands at Hold'em tournaments."

If you haven't won a package for yourself yet, it's worth checking out our qualify section, where you can find activities for every day. Also, it's worth taking a look at the hotel's section, where you can find great accommodation offers for The Festival Malta period.