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  • The Festival Nottingham: Hospitality Package

The Festival Nottingham: Hospitality Package

The Festival Nottingham: Hospitality Package

Story Teller: When Robin Hood first took his seat among the Sherwood forests, he felt quite lonely. Over time, the trees around him began to grow. Then stones emerged, moss covered the stones, and eventually people began to gather around him. Together, they built the city of Nottingham with all its accompanying facilities. Today, the city has grown so much that besides many tourist attractions, it also boasts nearly 260 pubs and Dusk Till Dawn casino.

The last one is the place where The Festival Nottingham, a poker festival, will take place from 12th to 19th February. The festival, in addition to poker, puts a strong emphasis on entertainment and spending time with friends. One such form of entertainment is the Hospitality package, which according to the festival's creator Martin von Zweigkbergk, is impossible to overlook. During our previous festivals (in Bratislava and Tallinn), we have entertained players with wine tasting, brewery visits, pool tournament, parties, etc. and Nottingham will not be an exception. The following schedule provides a rough plan for the Nottingham Hospitality package, but as always happens during joint events, the schedule is subject to change, and more specific starting times can always be asked at our welcome desk, located at Dusk Till Dawn casino on-site during the festival.

Date and TimeWhat's going onMeeting pointIs it included in the hospitality package?
13 Feb, 19:00Meet The Staff - Welcome DrinksDusk Till DawnYES
14 Feb, 15:00Rolling with the Big Shots Bowling Bash Dusk Till DawnYES
14 Feb, 17:30Flip Beat the Franke: Battle for RouletteDusk Till DawnYES
14 Feb, 18:00Roulette Tournament Dusk Till DawnNO
14 Feb, 19:30Ice-Hockey game (Nottingham Panthers vs Belfast Giants) -NO
14 Feb, 19:45Football game (Notts County vs Barnet)-NO
15 Feb, 9:30JJ Masterclass - Let's learn some OmahaCrowne Hotel PlazaNO
15 Feb, 16:00Chop & Hurl Heroics: The Axe Throwing ChampionshipCrowne Hotel PlazaYES
15 Feb, 19:00Flip Beat the Franke: Battle for BlackjackDusk Till DawnYES
15 Feb, 20:00Blackjack Tournament Dusk Till DawnNO
16 Feb 11:00Good Morning Afternoon Tea-rrific Tasting Crowne Hotel PlazaYES
16 Feb 13:00Run Horse Run - Sports Betting TournamentSports ShopYES
16 Feb 19:30Prize Ceremony Sports Betting TournamentDusk Till DawnYES
17 Feb 10:45Walk to Heaven Crowne Hotel PlazaYES
17 Feb 21:00The Kids WorldPenny LaneYES
17 Feb 23:59Maybe "It´s time for a party time"Find AnastasiaYES
18 Feb 11:45Chips & Sips: A Fin-Tastic SoireeCrowne Hotel PlazaYES
18 Feb, 15:00Football Watching (Nottingham Forest vs Manchester City)Dusk Till DawnYES
19 FebGuided Nottingham City Tour Crowne Hotel Plaza YES
Changes can happen as usual

As you can see, this time we have also included some additional activities for those who may want to engage in extra activities outside the group. These additional activities are not included in the hospitality package, for more information (and cost) please contact our team at the welcome desk.

Enjoy playing blackjack, roulette, and other casino games, visit a nightclub, pub, or restaurant, and play NL Holdem and Omaha - that's how the whole festival means